Video Spotlight: Hooper, Tapuai and those chip-kicks

Video Spotlight: Hooper, Tapuai and those chip-kicks

Staying with the positive vibe out of last weekend, here’s a vid of a few more little highlights. But first, a little mention about…

Michael Hooper

…who’s absolutely killing it. You wouldn’t blame the guy for thinking ‘Shit, international rugby really isn’t that hard’.

Check out where he’s come in each of the matches he’s been ranked on G&GR:

He did it again last weekend, making mincemeat of the pommy back row.

The inspired injury-forced selection of Ben Tapuai had a big impact on the Wallabies’ attacking potency. Going around rather than through defenders, Taps also has a great offloading game and a left peg to boot. It really worked.

Finally, as mentioned by Woody on our latest PODSLAM, those chip-kicks actually worked. When they come off, they’re a delight to see.

[youtube id=”ZNpa0Oi3Vy4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]


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