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Video: O’Connor vs Steyn

Video: O’Connor vs Steyn

Leading up to the Newlands test last weekend, Eddo started an interesting thread in the forum asking (among other things)
“Which out of these two talented youngsters would you pick in your world XV?”
“Who will turn out to be the better talent over the next 10 years?”.

As they  both ended up playing the majority of the match last weekend, I put together their touches in the video below.


For me, although Steyn already has a bunch of silverwear to gloat over, some of O’Connor’s touches in his first handful of international games has been beyond impressive. His biggest threat is probably getting stuck as a utlility back like Steyn.

napoleon_dynamite_1Despite is prodigious boot, I’ve got questions over the South African’s temperament. He’s easily rattled and it effects his whole game. The Waratahs have preyed on this for the last couple of years vs the Sharks. He also looks like Napoleon Dynamite.

Who’d be your pick?

South Africa

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