Video: Matt, Eugene & those clashing jerseys!

Video: Matt, Eugene & those clashing jerseys!

Snazzy young man

When not being director of performing arts at Summer Heights High, Matt “Trisha” Goddard is officially Australia’s campest referee. Two weeks ago he was all-a-tizzy with those brutes who forced him to hand out so many yellow cards, but this week it was even worse – CLASHING OUTFITS! OMFG!

Watch and listen to the video as he gets to grips with this disaster of all disasters. Well, except that no-one bothered listen to him or change their kit at half time. Surely red cards all round Matty?

Also, ever wondered how the Cheetahs manage to lose every fucken game?

Well I’ve also spliced in the half time interview with Cheetahs mastermind, Eugene Van Wyk. Marvel at his robotik acumen as he reveals:

1) How he likes to tell the boys exactly what they already fucking knew, “that they were down, and then they were up”

2) His assessment that the Cheetahs had the Brumbies “by the throat”, despite the Brumbies going on to score more than 40 points

3) His forward thinking and optimism about how they could pick up a vital 4 try bonus point here, which would move them to, er….bottom of the table with still precisely four fifths of fuck-all chance of making the finals.


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