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Video highlights – Rocky’s return

Video highlights – Rocky’s return

Everyone was awaiting his return – you, me, the media, the Irish – so how well did he go?

[youtube width=”480″ height=”385″][/youtube]

From about a kilometre away in the stands it wasn’t easy to tell, but stats and the clip below told a familiar story; even with one leg there’s no holding back the Rock.

Name Position Mins Runs (m) Tack Offloads Ruck T/Ov Miss
Rocky Elsom BSFL 81 2 (11m) 15 1 4 0 1
George Smith OSFL 81 4 (17m) 16 1 4 1 1
Richard Brown NUM8 81 5 (16m) 4 0 5 3 3

Up until now Antipodeans’ selections have gone with form and merit, but looking at Elsom’s stats vs Brown’s, you gotta think the young Force player is out of his depth. Oh for the return of Cliffy or Captain Claret. You can’t help but feel some poor decisions are starting to be made.

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