Video analysis: Burgess vs Genia @ Newlands

Video analysis: Burgess vs Genia @ Newlands

Following Auckland we had a look at the passing stats of the two Wallaby half backs, and by request we’ve repeated it for last weekend’s test in Cape Town.


As you can see in the table below, the total number of passes thrown by both half-backs was exactly the same in this match as in the Eden Park test – spooky. Both, however, improved upon their stats vs the All Blacks

Pass classification Burgess (CT)
Sanchez (CT)
Burgess (AK) Sanchez (AK)
Perfect 71% (15) 56% (9) 52% (11) 38% (6)
Serviceable 14% (3) 38% (6) 24% (5) 56% (9)
Disruptive 14% (3) 6% (1) 24% (5) 6% (1)
Total (21) (16) (21) (16)

Burgess’ pass was also discussed this week on Ruggamatrix, where Bob Dwyer noted the mess of receivers that Burgess was supposed to hit 23 seconds into the video above. Is it the passer, or is it the receiver?

Over and above the passing accuracy, the incumbent Burgess obviously had a much better match this week than in New Zealand. Perhaps he still hasn’t had the time, but Genia still hasn’t done anything outside of pass the ball (except when he was turned over this week). For the Sanchez supporters, is he anywhere ready for a starting berth?


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