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Tuesday;s Rugby News

Tuesday;s Rugby News

G’Day GAGR’s! Well, I am completely over the ‘He said / She said’ shit fight that is RA vs Sheep Rooter land, so will ignore that and provide some other interesting rugby news.

Wallabies turn up to WA Club rugby game.

Harry Wilson beats a tackle

Harry Wilson beats a tackle

Well seeing as the ‘Nearlies’ didn’t bother to turn up, Dave Rennie and a few of the Wallabies squad headed out to watch a club rugby game in Western Australia. The games held as part of the Fortescue Premier – WA’s premier club rugby competition – saw Nedlands up against Palmyra.
Moses, accompanied by Harry Wilson and Lee Majors, headed out to watch the game. Dirty Harry stating: “It’s been an awesome time down here at Nedlands Rugby Club.
There’s been so many seniors and juniors getting around us, everyone has such fond memories of playing club rugby,” he said. “It’s just good to come back here on the sidelines and see everyone having some beers,
it’s such a fun atmosphere. It’s good to see some many Wallabies jerseys down here. Half-time, there were a few kids running around, and there was plenty of talent out there.”
Good to see the Wallabies getting out and spreading the joy, into what must be a very disappointed WA.

The Format For Super Rugby for 2022 Revealed


Despite the complete and utter shit fight between Australia and that other insignificant little Island off to our South East, apparently the two countries have agreed to the format for the games next year.
The agreement reached by NZRU and RA is that all 12 Australian and Sheep Loving teams will play each other once, with a further three round-robin type fixtures to be allocated. With the play-offs structure to be a straight knockout format featuring the eight top teams, with the opening quarter-final round seeing the first-ranked side play the eighth-placed team, second vs seventh, third vs sixth and fourth vs fifth and so on and so on.
However, of note, the way in which the three additional round-robin matches will be decided has yet to be agreed upon, so there more chances for a total bun fight between RA and the NZRU. It is believed that RA are dead keen for those matches to be played in Australia, with Australian teams playing Australian teams and the NZ sides playing each other. However, the Kiwi’s are thought to be opposed to this, due to them believing it is a conspiracy developed by the Aussies to make it harder for their teams to reach the play-offs.
In addition to this the two new Super Rugby franchises, Moana Pasifika and the Fijian Drua (Woo hoo go the Fijians), will reportedly play each other twice in their debut super Season.
If these reports are correct, it looks like we are all in for a bumper season of Rugby in 2022, provided the Whuhan super bug and NZRU don’t continue screwing things up.

Professional Pathways Rugby killed off due to Covid.

After detailed discussions with all the states, RA has confirmed that the professional pathway programs and competitions will have to be suspended for the remainder of the year.
For all you ignorant people (which definitely includes me) this has all the nationally administered teams and competitions, including the Junior Rugby Championship, U19 Rugby Championship, and all U18 National Academy matches. This includes the Junior Wallabies and Australian Schools and U18s programs. So if ever our junior players were going to be screwed over, this looks like the way to do it.

“While some states will be able to continue training, the decision to cancel our cross-border competitions and camps was made with the safety and welfare of our players and staff in mind. “These underage programs are the key to our long-term professional success, and while it’s disappointing to see them suspended, players in lockdown areas still have access to their coaches and support networks.
“We are currently working towards hosting the National Gold camp at the end of the year, ensuring our players remain connected and continue to develop as a team, in conjunction with the working they are doing in their respective academies.”
In my mind, this seems to be a very NSW’ centric decision. As Queensland club and weekend sports are able to be played, and WA and SA club sport continuing, it seems that the only locations affected are NSW and Victoria. And to be honest, who really cares about them. In age where depth of squads and having a young generation come through to pick up the mantle, this looks like a really backward way to achieving this.


In what can only be called a coup for the Aussies, Queensland (God’s Country – to all you heathens) is set to host The Rugby Championship while Perth remains a possibility to host Bledisloe III, even though those sheep lovers pulled out like a teenager in heat!

With over a week now of downtight hostility between the righteous ones and sheep loving ones, the four SANZAAR partners, Queenslands El Commandante Annastacia Palashook is getting read to announce on Tuesday after “being a total hypocrite on all other decisions that she has made in relation to all other Queenslanders” to secure the TRC.

As one rugby source said, “She’s taken personal charge of it.” Unlike her ownership of every other fuck up she has made. SANZAAR officials, including the four CEOs from Australia, The FISM’s, The Nearlies and The Dutch Dirth Farmers were locked in meetings on Monday evening to flesh out the details.

While the TRC appears good to go, the last Bled, which was supposed to be played on August 28 before the Kiwi’s gutted it, is yet to be locked in because of a possible sequencing issue with an AFL game of no importance on the first weekend of September.

RA however remains optimistic that the Test will be played on either September 3 or 4, with a sell out expected at Optus Stadium.

Well boys and Girls it is back on. Thank fuck for that as my TV watching schedule, and the ones for all those rugby fans in Lock Down was looking a little bleak.

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