Thursday’s Rugby News 21/7/22

Thursday’s Rugby News 21/7/22

Happy Thursday everyone, short and sharp one this week after a great midweek night out and a 4:00am start for this piece.

TV Deal and some of the other things going on – Opinion

I listen to a lot of podcasts while driving around as the radio is boring so if you get the chance listen to the pod by the Rugby Pod with Big Jim. He had an interview with Marco Missotti owner of The Sharks in South Africa. He is a self-made man who loves rugby but has worked on quite a few sporting transactions including Chelsea, Milwaukee Bucks, and an ice hockey team.

I got me thinking about how this sits with the Twiggy prepared to back Aussie Rugby Comp View from yesterday’s news. One as Marco said he loves rugby and is looking for a ROI in two ways, one actual money and two social return.

His view which I share is you don’t buy an asset when the value is at the top of the market but when it is in a state of flux. So in terms of capital growth Australian Rugby is a great buy at the moment. 

All TV Deals are based on eyes on the screen; the NRL TV deal is about $115 million per season. The AFL is much higher and going higher. In the current advertising based model live sports are the only way an advertiser can guarantee eyes on the screen. Personally I don’t even watch live TV anymore I stream everything. The biggest issue NZRU has is that they are a totally mature market with probably 80% of five million people watching the content.

Which brings me to the current standoff with NZRU and RA. The adults in the room need to get together and figure out how to build a sustainable competition. Here are the facts: rugby is a global niche game with eyeballs everywhere but a focused approach on the Asian market makes sense. Here are my views in bullet form. 

If not, we can go it alone with the positive cash flow of the next 10 form a BIL tour and two RWCs and then unfortunately our NZRU brothers will be out on a limb.

  • Create a commission to mince the money, that is what the NFL do they pool the income from all external sources and divide by 32.
  • Create an equal salary cap with a free flow of players.
  • Create a draft to equalise young talent.
  • Look to Asia there are more eyeballs there.

Remember a rising tide floats all boats.

Tonga v Hong Kong

Tongan Invitational team

For those who think there’s no rugby on this weekend Tonga play Hong Kong on the Sunshine Coast for a spot in the RWC next year. If you’re up this way get around it. Unfortunately I will be watching local rugby but will certainly catch it on STAN.

Hong Kong have arrived in Australia ahead of their 2023 Rugby World Cup qualifier against Ikale Tahi Tonga, and head coach Lewis Evans says his side will be better prepared than they were for their nail-biting win over South Korea last weekend.

A Gregor McNeish penalty with the last kick gave Hong Kong a narrow 23-21 win in the Asia Rugby Championship final, earning them the right to face the Pacific Islanders on July 23.

Link Here

10 players to push for Wallabies selection for Rugby Championship

From Pravda

1.Fraser McReight

2. Rory Arnold

3. Luke Jones

4. Jock Campbell

5. Lalakai Foketi

6. Ryan Smith

7. Filipo Daugunu

8. Ben Donaldson

9. Tom Robertson

10. Langi Gleeson

Argentina v Scotland: tourists blow 15 point lead to lose summer Test series

Scotland so on brand against Argentina losing a series in the 83 minute. As all Wallabies fans know it’s the hope that kills you. This next bit will sound so familiar to all Australian fans. Just insert Wallabies where you see Scotland. From the Offside line

THERE’S a million ways you can lose a rugby match and none of them are easy to swallow, but this was a particularly unpalatable experience from a Scottish perspective because to go 15 points up with half an hour to play and then blow it is not something that can be shrugged off as an unfortunate mishap.

Argentina are a good side. There is plenty power and passion there. But they aren’t world beaters, and Scotland’s propensity to blow hot and cold from week to week, and often from minute to minute, is a major concern as the World Cup looms over the horizon.

The really frustrating thing is that Scotland didn’t play badly. In fact, it was probably their best performance since beating England at the start of the Six Nations, but when they needed to adjust their game to suit the circumstances they didn’t.

Enjoy Hoss off the long run tomorrow


Like all things in rugby I am afirm believer that we all love the game just support different colours.

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