The G&GR Social Pages – Week 17

The G&GR Social Pages – Week 17

Buggered if I know how this post is still going after 17 weeks – I really thought it’d be ditched after 4 weeks because no one read it. Or because too many people complained!

Perfect Pocock

Readers may recall a few weeks ago I gave a very dignified, classy and not-at-all-objectifying overview of why David Pocock is awesome. It may or may not have coincided with a posting of photos of him wearing Speedos, however I strenuously refute any notions that “some people” may have that the timing was, well…

St David of the Onside

anything but a mere quirk in the time-space continuum. Regardless, this week we anoint him Saint David of the Onside. Look – he already has the special hat!

You may ask: Why now? Why not after he set up the 8020 Vision charity that I can donate to here? Why not after he won his first game as captain on Saturday, continually choosing attacking options?

Well, Social Pagers, let me put you in his shoes for a moment: you’re the Wallaby captain (so kind of a big deal) in Melbourne – a city famous for shopping, cafes, restaurants, bars, and more shopping. You have a very rare afternoon off. You’re sore, you’re tired, you haven’t had time to yourself for what seems like weeks.

What do you do? Yes, that’s right, you take public transport to a community garden where you photograph the nature, the measures they are taking to work within the environment, and take beautiful artistic shots of conservation, composting, and nature at its best.

Hands up who else feels slightly inadequate right now.


Wallaby Tweets – Wallatweets!

Nathan Sharpe was a man on a mission during the week. Don’t we all just feel sometimes like there’s not enough time to do the important things?

Disappointingly, he then clarified the meaning of his tweet. But because I don’t like it as much, I’m only putting it in as a thumbnail…

Do you remember at school there was always that kid who took the expensive walkman (yep – I’m that old) on school trips when the school said not to in case it got lost or stolen? I have a sneaky suspicion Cooper Vuna was THAT kid. Check out the system he’s set up in camp!

The Fainga’a Twins went out for dinner wearing (really snug!) shirts that, despite exhibiting many of the same attributes, were also different enough that someone could tell them apart easily. Kudos to them for achieving brand consistency by wearing the apparel equivalent of themselves.


Super Rugby Wrap

The Rebels continue to lead the way in quality tweeting, even in the midseason break.

To start with, Lachlan Mitchell maintains the awesomeness! He initially poses one of life’s great questions, then follows up with truly one of the greatest humblebrags since Week 1.


Then Laurie Weeks experienced a fashion flashpoint – a “fashpoint”, if you will.

Shortly after, Luke Jones posted a photo of Laurie at Lazertag. Thankfully he isn’t in the Australian swimming team, but how cool is this photo?! (Click on it to make it bigger. Wouldn’t it be great if that worked in real life too?)



The G&GR Drinking Game

Feedback from last week’s drinking game was overwhelmingly positive; so like everyone involved with rugby in Australia, once we set upon a good idea, we’ll flog it until people start booing us. Last week’s game, admittedly, was more suited to people who were at the game, or watching at a pub. This week’s game is perfect for those watching at home with the commentary turned on. It’s time to get WASTED!




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