Thank GIF It’s Friday: Bring Back Quade Edition

Thank GIF It’s Friday: Bring Back Quade Edition

Whatever it takes, please, Bill Pulver, bring back our Quade! If he’s not needlessly high tackling someone, he’s pulling out some amazing ball skills. The hate and hype he conjures has been sorely missed during his half-hearted stay over in the south of France of Toulon. Rebels or Reds, just bring him home.

This week we’ve got, in honour of Quade, slickness all around. We’ve got slick camera angles, slick hands and slick tries. Back by popular demand, there’s another ripper Japanese try. It’s Friday, so get some rugby GIFs into ya.

Slick Vid

Slick Hands


Fijian Flyers

Round the Back

Top Spin

Up the Guts

And More Sashimi



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