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  • The Plan lives

    an update from Moses The path to glory hasn’t changed, we still need to beat the disenvowelled twice.. So far:Cook Cup: TickMandella Plate: Tick Current RankingsNZL 91.21Aus 86.52 BrisbaneIf aus win by 1-15 pointsAus 87.69NZL 90.04 Tri Nations: Tick HonkersIf aus win by 1-15 pointsAus 88.92NZL 88.19 Bledisloe: TickNumber 1 Ranking: Tick.

  • Wallabies
    Path to glory – a plan emerges

    Like any kid who grew up watching the A-Team, apart from knowing how to assemble a cabbage firing cannon from spare parts in a barn, you also know that it’s important to have a plan. And so, with the help of 5 Cray super computers networked together and Moses doing all the...

  • Rugby
    Australia IRB World Ranking – moving in the right direction

    As a result of the win on Saturday, the Wallabies regained the second spot on the IRB...