Springboks versus Wallabies Tri-Nations Johannesburg preview

Springboks versus Wallabies Tri-Nations Johannesburg preview

A run down on the teams is on the previous post, so this will be pretty short and sweet – you blokes can take up the space.

Last week I under-estimated the hole that South Africa is in. What’s clear is:

  • the boks have no clue how to attack outside of 10 and without Habana are close to toothless
  • they struggle at the breakdown with most refs and no fetcher. This weeks random interpretation will be supplied by Bryce Lawrence (pictured above) who reffed the game vs the Boks in Perth, roughly to our liking
  • they aren’t even excelling at set piece
  • De Villiers

However, they will play like their lives depend on it this weekend and it is at fortress Joburg, 1700m above sea level, where the Wallabies haven’t won since 1963.

Last week I went with historical stats, this week I’m going with form. I reckon Saffa ferocity is going to be balanced out with their headlessness and we’ll kill them at the breakdown and out wide. The key potential weaknesses for the Wallabies being Polota-Nau and the line-out, followed by and injury to Giteau or a dream kicking game from James.

Barring these, I reckon it’s ours, but not by much.


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