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SANZAR Merit Referees 2009

SANZAR Merit Referees 2009
Cheating yet again

Cheating bastard(s)

In the Super 14 next year the nationality of refs will no longer matter when it comes to allocating them to matches. Instead, it’ll come down to ‘merit’. Apparently they used 19 refs last year, this time they’ll concentrate it down to the 9 ‘merit’ refs (below), and fill gaps based on form and absence due to Six Nations duties.

It sounds like a good idea to me as I think it makes it slightly less likely that we’ll get stuck with that cheating c_nt Jonathan Kaplan every time.

Merit Panel (alphabetical order)

Stuart Dickinson (Australia)
Matt Goddard (Australia)
Marius Jonker (South Africa)
Craig Joubert (South Africa)
Jonathan Kaplan (South Africa)
Bryce Lawrence (New Zealand)
Mark Lawrence (South Africa)
James Leckie (Australia)
Steve Walsh (New Zealand)

Shadow Panel (alphabetical order)

Paul Marks (Australia)
Chris Pollock (New Zealand)
Ian Smith (Australia)

Reserve Bench (alphabetical)

Phillip Bosch (South Africa)
Keith Brown (New Zealand)
Vinny Munro (New Zealand)
Nathan Pearce (Australia)

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