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Reds v. Force – As it happened

Reds v. Force – As it happened


1. Ben Daley, 2. Albert Anae, 3. James Slipper, 4. Rob Simmons, 5. James Horwill (c), 6. Jake Shatz, 7. Beau Robinson, 8. Radike Samo, 9. Will Genia (vc), 10. Mike Harris, 11. Digby Ioane, 12. Jono Lance, 13. Ben Tapuai, 14. Dom Shipperley, 15. Luke Morahan. Reserves: 16. Saia Faingaa/James Hanson, 17. Greg Holmes, 18. Van Humphries, 19. Ed Quirk, 20. Liam Gill, 21. Ben Lucas, 22. Rod Davies

1.Pek Cowan, 2.Nathan Charles, 3.Salesi Ma’afu, 4.Toby Lynn, 5.Nathan Sharpe, 6.Matt Hodgson, 7.David Pocock (Captain), 8.Ben McCalman, 9.Brett Sheehan, 10.James Stannard, 11.Napolioni Nalaga , 12.Winston Stanley , 13.Patrick Dellit,
14.Nick Cummins, 15.Alfie Mafi. Reserves: 16.Ben Whittaker, 17.Kieran Longbottom, 18.Phoenix Battye, 19.Angus Cottrell, 20.Ben Seymour, 21.Rory Sidey, 22.Sam Wara

First Half

First 5 minutes

From a good kick off take, Reds flyhalf Mike Harris put the ball out on the full. It might have been the fact that the rain that had held off all afternoon returned, but it put the Reds on defence early. They won the lineout and spun the ball wide despite some rushing defence from the Force. Jono Lance made a good strong break, proving he was comfortable in the midfield.
The force earned a penalty, and opted to go for the points, but James Stannard was unable to convert it to points.

5 to 10 minutes

Mike Harris opened the scoring with a trademark over the black dot penalty after the force defenders failed to retreat 10.

10 to 15 minutes

The Force have spent most of this block hard on attack.

A promising Force move broke down when it made it to Nalanga.

15 to 20 minutes

Albert’s throwing woes continued, with another not straight. This is probably not being helped by the throws being called to the back every time.

Despite the Force being camped inside the Reds 22, they have been unable to convert the territory to points. However the Reds showed they still have the ability to got the length of the field with Taps getting a try.

20 to 25 minutes

Mike Harris shows the sideline doesn’t bother him, converting the try. That has it at 10-0, though the scoreboard is reading 11-0 here. Bonus Points?

Eventually the scoreboard was adjusted, and during that time Stannard was able to add 3 points for the Reds not rolling away in the tackle.

25 to 30 minutes

Another Anae throw, this time it was third time lucky. Some nerves perhaps.

The Reds gave away a penalty in range for another Stannard kick, which he duly slotted. During that, on the sports ears the assistant referee advised the Ref that Force 13 Patrick Dellit was “going on with things after the tackle”.

30 to 35 minutes

The Reds were now playing at the right end of the field, and when the Force were pinged for not releasing the tackler, right in front. Mike Harris added the 3, though showed off a little by skimming the post on the way through.

The Force were again warned about taking players out by going on with it after the ball had been passed, this time Matt Hodgeson was to blame.

The Force had a scrum on the Reds 10m and won the ball well, a couple of passes later and Sheeno passed the ball directly to Radike and he re-enacted his try against the All Blacks, dotting the ball down under the posts from 60 metres out. Mike Harris added the extras

35 to 40 minutes

The Reds continued playing in the Force half, eventually giving away a penalty right in front, Mike Harris taking care of the formalities to close out the first half.

The score at half time is 23 – 6

Second Half

40 to 45 minutes

Kevvie has taken offense to Angus Cottrell coming in from the side, and a small stink developed. The ensuing penalty was converted by Mike Harris.

45 to 50 minutes

Pocock getting flustered with the referee, they have been having long discussions most of the game about the Forces work at the breakdown. Poey says they are releasing the tackled player, the Ref disagrees. The Ref is winning the argument.

Pocock takes matters into his own hands, the force turned down easy points when awarded a penalty opting instead for the quick tap. A pass later and Pocock weaved through a few lazy reds defenders to score the first try for the team. Stannard added the extras.

This has come after spending a bit of time in the Reds half.

50 to 55 minutes

The play continued back and forth for a bit, until some more lazy defence work, Morahan just stood and watched as Stannard strolled over the line and earned a pie. He converted his own try.

Link went to the bench with Hanson, Lucas, Lance and Samo coming off. The Ref rolled his ankle and was replaced by Andrew Lees

55 to 60 minutes

The Force were coming home with a wet sail.

When the Reds earned a penalty in the Force half, Kev took the opportunity to stem the flow, Mike Harris taking the shot. Where he slotted it from the sideline.

Some good cover defence and sloppy hands saw the Reds bomb a try.

60 to 65 minutes

There was plenty of back and forth, but nothing more than missed opportunities. The Force were fighting hard.

65 to 70 minutes

More scrapping with no one getting on top.

70 to 75 minutes

Plenty of niggle happening, at nearly every ruck. Most notable was Sharpie and Simo going at it over the sideline. Sharpie’s work earned a penalty.

Mike Harris got a hurry up from the ref, but it couldn’t put him off as he slotted his 23rd straight super rugby goal.

75 to 80 minutes

Frustration was starting to show on the force and their discipline was slipping. Mike Harris had another shot at goal, he kicked his 24th.

The clock wore down but they kept going, the game finally coming to an end when Will Genia put a grubber style drop goal attempt dead.


Reds 35 (Try: Tapuai, Samo Conv: Harris 2/2 Pen: Harris 8/8) def Force 20 (Try: Pocock, Stannard Conv: Stannard 2/2 Pen: Stannard 2/3)

Crowd: 33 563

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