Re-living the glory

Re-living the glory

Got a question today from Westy (another astute rugby officianado / follower of the blog) that I thought a few guys might be able to help him out with:

hey, was wondering if you had any recommended games to hunt down from the Wallabies 2003 to 2006 period. I have it written down as a dead period but there must be at least one good international out there.

I started hunting for:
world cup 1999: Australia v Sth Africa qt final (the drop kick game)
world cup 1999: NZ v france qt final (the nuts come back game)

then I realised I was simply reliving the Eales period.

if you have any ideas give me a shout.

I’m not sure how much use I can be Westy as my long-term memory is worringly shithouse. To me though, there’s nothing wrong with staying well and truly stuck in the Eales period, as pretty much everything outside of it gets shaky.

Obviously the ’03 to ’06 period was the tailspin of the Eddie Jones era, and all I can remember is hurt through that period, especially at Twickenham, but is my memory playing tricks on me?

The one diamond sparkling in that rough though was obviously the ’03 RWC semi-final versus the Kiwis – Eddie Jones’ one achievement.

Suggestions from anyone else?


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