Quade Cooper: stats to make you think again?

Quade Cooper: stats to make you think again?

Better than you thought?

Amongst all the hoo-ha surrounding Quade Cooper over the last few weeks, there were a few stats that got lost along the way. They were posted in the forum by Kiap, who sourced them from ESPN.com.

They made me say ‘wow’. What about you?


Wallabies since Cooper made his debut (Nov. 2008)

Cooper playing: Played 38, Won 26 (68%)
Not Playing: Played 17, Won 6 (35%)


versus All Blacks

Cooper playing: Played 6, Won 2 (33%)
Not Playing: Played 7, Won 0 (0%)

versus Boks

Cooper playing: Played 9, Won 7 (78%)
Not Playing: Played 2, Won 0 (0%)

Queensland Reds: 2012

Cooper Playing: Played 5, Won 5 (100%)
Not playing: Played 12, Won 6 (50%)

Winning record of Wallaby 10s (min. 20 games played at 10 only)

MP Lynagh 70.76%
SJ Larkham 70.34%
QS Cooper 68.42%
EJ Flatley 66.07%
MG Ella 54.00%
MJ Giteau 48.91%
PF Hawthorne 40.47%

[And the first idiot who craps on about ‘statistical significance’ can give himself an uppercut.]


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