Other cost cutting ideas

Other cost cutting ideas

mascot-bubble11News in that the Wallabies will be taking a cut in their match fees. In a carefully spun press release from RUPA (“Guys, I got you a great deal!”), we’re told that instead of getting a 4.2% increase to $12,374 per match, they’ll be taking a cut from $11,875 to $11,500.

Definitely not as dramatic as what was being touted around the traps last week, which had been a reduction to $10k. RUPA had made positive-ish noises about that previous number as long as early wallaby contract releases were discussed, so it makes you wonder where they ended up.

RUPA supremo Dempsey also said

“the ARU was able to illustrate to RUPA that they were adopting sensible measures to reduce costs”

A few other suggestions:

  • Keep Growden away from the pies
  • Ban Steve Walsh from the hospitality tent

er, that’s it. Any others?


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