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Live Score: Wallabies vs Springboks

Live Score: Wallabies vs Springboks

Full time: Australia 25 – Springboks 32

Wallabies vs Boks Perth (08/29/2009)
9:39 Gagger:  Welcome to the Wallabies vs The Boks at Perthfontein
9:59 [Comment From Jatz]
More Sean Fitzpatrick craaaaaap!
9:59 Gagger:  G’Day Jatz. Why do they have him on?
10:00 Jatz:  Lynagh thinks the Wallabies will kick MORE today!! Surly that is statistically impossible!
10:01 Gagger:  They’re going to replace scrums and lineouts with kicks. New South African ELVs
10:01 Jatz:  Sky Sports in the UK.
10:02 Gagger:  Yeah I’m watching it too. But WHY???
10:04 [Comment From GC]
That national anthem is so awesome. Now I’m fired up.
10:04 Jatz:  Don’t know, it’s unfair.
10:04 Gagger:  Moore’s nose is at about 45 degrees

G’Day GC

10:04 Gagger:  So, confident???
10:04 GC:  No.
10:05 Jatz:  AAC will be No 8 next week.
10:05 GC:  Unless every Wallaby puts a hit on their opposite number from the kick off. Then we’ll win
10:05 Gagger:  Yeah. why would you pick Palu?
10:06 GC:  Brown :(
10:06 Gagger:  That’s it. He’s definitely in my shit book
10:06 Jatz:  Great start! He gets paid to do that!?
10:07 Gagger:  Text book start from the Wallabies
10:07 Gagger:  Bismark the Pussey got smashed
10:07 GC:  Victor preparing vulcan mind meld to steal LO calls
10:09 Gagger:  NOOO SMITTH!!
10:09 GC:  Ominous
10:10 Jatz:  Could you imagine if we didn’t have Gits… Would be a total disaster!
10:10 GC:  fUCK
10:11 Gagger:  Ditto
10:11 Jatz:  We are going to get a new arse torn if we keep playing like this… Schoolboy rubbish all from Smiths shit kick!
10:12 GC:  Burgess turned his back. Fool.
10:12 Gagger:  Steyne converts Du Preez try 0-7
10:12 GC:  Brown :(
10:12 Jatz:  Franks and beans!
10:13 Gagger:  This is fucking hopeless
10:13 [Comment From Epi]
AAC wake up!!!!!
10:13 Jatz:  This is again a case of men v boys Im afraid.
10:14 Gagger:  What the fuck does Richard Brown have to do to get de-selected?
10:15 Gagger:  Score a try for the oppo?
10:16 Jatz:  The highlight of the match is the Boks physio… She is HOT!
10:17 GC:  Oh well.
10:17 Gagger:  Fourie scores try. 0-12 after 10 min
10:17 Jatz:  This is tragic so far!
10:18 Gagger:  Why didn’t Smith chip it?
10:19 Jatz:  Maybe we should go for the try already!
10:19 Gagger:  THey must be worried
10:20 Gagger:  Giteau misses penalty shot.
10:20 Jatz:  Haha… Maybe not so good!
10:21 Epi:  says something about the rugby Jatz!
10:21 Gagger:  there is zero pressure on the Boks
10:21 Epi:  Better pics there…
10:22 Gagger:  Yep. More hotness
10:22 [Comment From mark_s]
how many errors already?
10:22 Jatz:  Yeah, all rugby has been awful to watch. Canterbury were very good to watch this morning tho.
10:23 GC:  And where going to get fucked by the ref again. This isn’t good.
10:23 Jatz:  Hey… I saw her first!
10:23 Gagger:  17th Minute. Wobs fucked by ref. 0-15
10:24 Jatz:  WTF! THAT is amazing. Wallabies going for the try after 18mins. We are screwed!
10:25 Jatz:  Pure rubbish. Should be 15-3
10:27 Jatz:  Haws Burgess is shit… There are better 9’s in the AIL over here in Ireland!
10:29 Gagger:  Fucking. Hell
10:29 Gagger:  But more of that Gits!
10:30 Gagger:  So now the shot
10:31 Gagger:  Cmon Brycie, get us back in the game!
10:31 Gagger:  Should be 9-15!!
10:32 Jatz:  Hey check it out… Ryan Cross is playing!
10:32 GC:  This is a little better
10:33 Gagger:  Can anyone else but Gits kick?
10:34 Gagger:  When he misses this it should have been 15-12
10:34 Gagger:  Thank fuck. 3-15 after 28m
10:34 Jatz:  15-12 would have been a lot better!
10:34 mark_s:  Boks look like they really want the bonus point win
10:37 Gagger:  Candy. Baby.
10:38 Gagger:  Steyne Misses. thank fuck
10:39 Gagger:  shit.
10:39 Jatz:  Hmmmmm…
10:40 Gagger:  Habana pinches one Steyne slots. 3-22 after 34min
10:40 mark_s:  how come we never get soft tries like that
10:40 Gagger:  no one else is as soft as us
10:41 Jatz:  Brown nearly dropped that free kick! This is just awful!
10:42 Gagger:  Rocky playing well (apart from the drop)
10:43 Gagger:  That was almost international standard
10:43 mark_s:  Rocky must be wondering why he didnt stay OS
10:43 GC:  Rocky and, to a a lesser extent Gits, are the only ones who’ve turned up.
10:44 [Comment From WizardMaster]
This is depressing. And I paid $100 for the Brisbane test next week ;
10:44 Gagger:  It’s not too late to lose them
10:45 Jatz:  Ryan Cross hasn’t dropped it yet so he is one of the best so far. He has touched once.
10:45 GC:  Actually, Smith has come good too.
10:45 Gagger:  Chis nicked a throw?
10:46 mark_s:  twice for cross
10:46 WizardMaster:  Giteau really is a myth
10:48 GC:  Bring on Cooper. It’s that bad.
10:48 Jatz:  Oh twice… That’s heaps better. Rugby is in such good shape when a 13 touches it twice in a half!
10:48 mark_s:  Bring genia on!
10:48 Gagger:  Giteau slots just before half time. 6-22

It’s men against boys here. Boks have come to play rugby and the Wobblies can’t even catch a cold. It could be a very long second half

10:49 GC:  Piss off Horwill, Burgess and Cross at the break.
10:49 WizardMaster:  I can’t believe after all the bleating about negative Saffer tactics and penalty-a-thons the Wallabies go for the posts when theyre 22- 3 down
10:49 mark_s:  The only postive I can see is that the boks will probably start to fade once they are 40 ahead
10:50 mark_s:  I would bring on Mumm for Brown, Elsom to 8. We need all the muscle we can get
10:50 GC:  Boks have been excellent. Easily the best team in the world. Unfortunately.
10:51 mark_s:  Boks have been goodm but our mistakes have been terrible, and everyone has lead to bok points
10:51 [Comment From Guest]
fuk u guys write nz off 2 early
10:53 [Comment From andy]
nz will win tri nations!!!
10:54 Gagger:  Straya are still in it. We just need to score at last 4 tries in the second half…..
10:55 GC:  Luckily we’re cutting them to shred and only the heroic last line of defence has saved them
10:55 [Comment From andy]
aust team weak without mortlock you guys have a backline that would struggle against most school teams in NZ
10:57 [Comment From IRBmustdie]
even if Aus lose this test, they will be a lot better in the next one, and NZ vs SA will be a great game, Henry will almost certainly get fired if he loses that test – NZ public will be really quite cross I think
10:59 andy:  Em from your comment we can ascertain you have written the wallabies off which is great because they are hopeless
10:59 Jatz:  Let me guess Andy… You are about 15??
11:00 andy:  25 – NZer. Why?
11:00 IRBmustdie:  hey andy, are you a fan of Henry?
11:00 Jatz:  Just checking
11:00 GC:  Good work.
11:00 WizardMaster:  WOOOO
11:01 Jatz:  NZ schoolboy backline would have stopped that!
11:01 Gagger:  I’m not hoping yet
11:02 andy:  You guys must hate that your team always lets u dow – look at tri nations standings sth africa 1, nz 2, austraia 3
11:02 Gagger:  Gits converts his own try 13-22 after 43
11:02 mark_s:  why are you here Andy?
11:02 andy:  cos i luv rugby
11:02 andy:  u?
11:03 Jatz:  Are you a fisherman Andy?
11:03 andy:  no are u a dingo
11:03 mark_s:  Actually I was asking why you are on this earth
11:03 andy:  u hav hit an all time low
11:03 Jatz:  Haha… What a dickhead!
11:04 andy:  r u a wallaby with a dick the size of a pee
11:04 IRBmustdie:  pee or pea ?
11:05 andy:  are you the oxford dictionary?
11:05 Jatz:  Sorry, I meant 12 years old not 15.
11:06 andy:  Jatz I’m sure you are a labourer or a tradesman because you seen REALLY inteeligent
11:06 andy:  ee
11:07 Jatz:  Haha… That would be intelligent you spastic.
11:07 [Comment From Guest]
I thought this was rugby
11:07 andy:  haha you are a real intellect
11:07 IRBmustdie:  Giteau playing better now
11:07 Gagger:  Good point guest. Guys, there is a game on here
11:07 Jatz:  Yeah good point. Piss off Andy.
11:07 andy:  canterbury won the shield!!!!!
11:08 andy:  jatz take your losing team away and piss off
11:08 Gagger:  Ciao Andy
11:08 Jatz:  We have 2 world cups.
11:09 mark_s:  Gotta win your own line outs
11:09 [Comment From Guest]
whats the score i am in japan relagated to this site
11:09 Gagger:  Score is below
11:10 Jatz:  What do you mean relegated? This is the best rugby site in the world!
11:10 [Comment From Guest]
to many kirin ???
11:11 mark_s:  lucky then
11:11 Jatz:  Good luck stopping Habana from there.
11:12 Gagger:  13-30 after 54min
11:12 mark_s:  slick move from the scrum. The scrums are odd, sometimes we are smashing them, other tiems they are in complete control
11:12 Jatz:  All from a lost lineout
11:13 IRBmustdie:  John Smit is the key to the bok scrum
11:13 mark_s:  Don’t forget we lost the lineout on our throw on their 22 that lead to all this
11:13 [Comment From Guest]
where is the little big offside player
11:16 Gagger:  Genia on
11:16 Jatz:  Finally Genia on!
11:16 Gagger:  We are buttfucking them in the scrum
11:17 IRBmustdie:  Schalk Burger on
11:17 mark_s:  Smashed
11:18 mark_s:  What a scrum, that should be worth 7 points
11:18 Jatz:  Hopeless! Why go to 6 on an attacking 5m lineout?!
11:18 mark_s:  No jumper on our own lineout?
11:18 mark_s:  Just throw the ball to 2 FFS
11:19 Jatz:  Elsom has turned over some ball tonight!
11:19 Gagger:  Shot of Robbie Deans dreaming of Christchurch
11:20 mark_s:  There is actually plenty of time to go if we can get some composure
11:20 Gagger:  phew
11:24 Jatz:  15 phases and we went back 10 then 80!
11:24 Gagger:  What the fuck happened at that ruck?
11:25 [Comment From Guest]
The ball coming out is glacial
11:25 Gagger:  QUADE IS ON!
11:27 Gagger:  Baxter on to save us from penalties?
11:29 IRBmustdie:  harrumph
11:29 [Comment From Guest]
i wish i had a tv
11:30 Gagger:  So do we
11:30 [Comment From Guest]
how do you know whats going on?
11:31 Gagger:  Go to
11:31 Gagger:  Oh for fuck sake
11:33 mark_s:  I think Horwill has been ok tonight
11:34 Gagger:  Fat Cat has been awesome. again
11:34 [Comment From Guest]
Take those bloody gloves of Rocky
11:35 Gagger:  About time
11:36 IRBmustdie:  the Giteau show
11:36 Jatz:  Missed kick from infront sums up the Wallabies night… Shit house.
11:36 Gagger:  Unbelievable
11:36 mark_s:  I have that I am stuck watching C7 coeverage – line out the boks 22 now
11:37 mark_s:  Try to Giteau in case you didn’t know
11:38 Gagger:  Tell us more Mark
11:39 Gagger:  Hehe. Hard man Shmoo
11:39 mark_s:  HE missed the conversion
11:41 Jatz:  Well what a waste of 90mins watching mistake after mistake. Will be interesting to see how Deans responds to pressure for the first time in his career.
11:41 mark_s:  DEans doesn’t have that many options
11:42 Gagger:  Turner dances through. We can always score points when it doesn’t matter
11:42 Jatz:  Yeah I agree but it’s still the first time he has had pressure.
11:43 Jatz:  Talk about a flattering score line. Amazing!
11:43 Gagger:  How do we keep getting so close playing so shit? Amazing.
11:44 Gagger:  Thanks for joining for this abomination all.

Fucking hell.

11:44 [Comment From Alan]
How many tries did each side score?
11:44 Gagger:  4 to 3

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