All Blacks

Live score Wallabies vs Italy

Live score Wallabies vs Italy

Final Scores

Wallabies 31 – Italy 8

New Zealand 22 – France 27!!!

Wallabies vs Italy first test 2009 (06/13/2009)
9:53 Gagger:  Welcome to the curtainraiser for Australia vs Italy
9:53 Gagger:  After 15 minutes its 3-3
9:55 Gagger:  France playing with impressive width. This game is going at 100 miles/hour
9:56 Gagger:  And the french are over!
9:57 Gagger:  Off the scrum base Trinh-Duc went through 5 All Blacks
9:57 Gagger:  Its 3-10 to the frogs after 18 mins
10:07 Gagger:  Another try to the French!!
10:08 Gagger:  Absolutely beautiful play from the french. From one side of the field to the other and straightening in between.
10:09 Gagger:  3-17 after 29min
10:12 [Comment From Guest]
Hello all… nice to see the good french team turned up instead of the shit-house one…
10:13 [Comment From epi]
Oops.. that was me..
10:13 Gagger:  G’Day Epi. Loving this
10:14 Epi:

Hey Gagger.. Yeah – this is great. Love it when the French play like this…

10:15 Gagger:  ABs totally rattled. You can tell from the bitching commentators
10:15 Gagger:  No McCheat, no Carter = no leadership
10:15 Epi:

Exactly… Don’t think Donald is doing the trick.

10:16 Gagger:  Frog backrow having a blinder
10:17 Epi:  I wonder how the last season of ELVs is going to affect the NH – SH gap…
10:18 Epi:

meaning.. the super 14 kick-a-thon..

10:18 Gagger:  Not sure how much it matters. This frog back row is young and classy
10:20 Gagger:  Frogs gotta keep em out here
10:20 Epi:

Thats not a good thing for the French…

10:20 Gagger:  What did I just write?
10:21 Epi:  Spot on..
10:21 Gagger:  ABs pinch a break out try
10:37 Epi:

pitch invader… why would you/

10:37 Gagger:  That’s a lot of piss you’d have to drink
10:38 Gagger:  Commentators at full whine
10:38 Epi:  They have a point though..This ref is having a shocker. did you see the penalty he gave in the 3rd minute against the abs flanker who was cleaning out for diving over? He completely misses the point of the rules..
10:39 Gagger:  Nope. But the ABs generally are guilty of everything….
10:39 Epi:  Reffing in rugby is a sad joke as we all know.
10:39 Gagger:  Tis a mystery
10:41 Gagger:  French defence fucking impressive
10:43 Gagger:  ABs get a penalty 14-17 after 50 min
10:44 Epi:  Weepu and Du Preez are the only half backs who should kick…
10:44 Epi:  I think the ABs should start with Weepu.
10:44 Gagger:  The Caveman!!
10:45 Gagger:  Re weepu: they should probably have him on for his annoying factor alone
10:46 Epi:  I think Burgess needs annoying lessons…
10:46 Gagger:  He’ll always be a nice polite boy.
10:47 Epi:  need to beat him with a stick and starve him for a few months.
10:47 Epi:  he’s much too nice to be a world class half.
10:48 Gagger:  NFJ?
10:48 Epi:  Gagger.. NFJ is a lawyer!
10:49 Epi:  doesnt get worse than that.
10:49 Gagger:  You’re saying ‘smiling assassin’?
10:49 [Comment From GC]
Froggies look like they’re running out of energy
10:50 Epi:  you could put it that way Gagger…
10:50 Gagger:  Yeah, they wont keep that intensity up for 80, thats for sure
10:51 [Comment From GC]
That’s it for the French me thinks
10:51 Epi:  Agreed
10:51 Epi:  But the ABs are beatable…
10:51 Gagger:  I think you could be right there GC. Welcome BTW
10:51 GC:  Thanks Gagger
10:52 Gagger:  Very beatable without their two stars
10:53 GC:  No coherence in the backs, though not surprising for their first test. Wobblies looked far far better last weekend. Tonight will be interesting
10:53 Gagger:  ABs slot a penalty in the 58th 17-17
10:54 Gagger:  I don’t reckon we’ll get enough pressure on them till maybe the Frog test
10:54 Epi:  That said.. this is a good hit out for the ABs… They are finding out about a few things tonight…
10:55 Epi:  winning easy tells you nothing.
10:55 Gagger:  Hopefully the Frogs’ll give us a good kick up the arse just before the 3N
10:55 GC:  There’s still a few French players to arrive aren’t there?
10:55 Gagger:  Yeah, the top 2 teams from the Top14
10:56 Gagger:  This ref is doing 0 communication at the breakdown. Its a lottery
10:56 GC:  Aus v. France will be a huge test then. Where’s it being played?
10:57 Gagger:  Good question. Will check in a sec
10:58 [Comment From Harfish]
Evening all
10:58 Gagger:  Evening Harfish. What you making of this?
10:59 Harfish:  Let’s just say I’m glad I have French citizenship
10:59 GC:  Froggie shot at goal.
11:00 Harfish:  Great kick
11:01 Gagger:  France slot a goal 17-20 after 67min
11:02 Gagger:  GC – French test at ANZ in Sydney
11:02 GC:  Roccoco looks like he’s lost a lot of speed.
11:03 GC:  Damn, was hopping it’d be a Suncorp. ANZ will be half empty.
11:03 Harfish:  All Blacks looking like a team seriously lacking in leadership and ideas
11:04 Gagger:  French have done a fantastic job cuttling down the offload options for the ABs
11:04 GC:  Intercept!!!!!!
11:04 Harfish:  That could be it
11:05 Gagger:  Wooohoooo! (sorry Harfish)
11:05 Gagger:  Medard picks up McCallister pass (welcome back) and runs 75m
11:05 Harfish:  Meh, dual citizenship has its benefits
11:06 Harfish:  ABs win, I’m a kiwi, they lose, I’m French
11:06 Gagger:  The Rainbow Warrior?
11:07 Harfish:  I’m still mad with me about that
11:07 Gagger:  17-27 after 72min
11:09 Harfish:  Referee and TJ wimp out there
11:09 Epi:

he’s the one other star I’d like to see out of the ABs side come the 3N

11:09 GC:  Last few minutes will be interesting
11:09 Gagger:  try to Nonu in the corner
11:10 Gagger:  22 – 27 after 75min
11:10 GC:  Donald is officially useless.
11:13 Harfish:  Try from the edge of the earth perhaps?
11:13 Epi:

+1 GC

11:14 Harfish:  All over
11:14 Gagger:  Froggies do it!!!!
11:14 Harfish:  France are officially All Black kryptonite
11:15 Epi:  Wow.. that was gutsy…
11:15 Gagger:  Harfish – you are one conflicted puppy
11:15 Gagger:  France win 22 – 27
11:16 Gagger:  Fark me France played well
11:16 Gagger:  ABs tackling was atrocious
11:16 Harfish:  Allez les Bleus!
11:17 Harfish:  ou le Blanc!
11:18 Gagger:  Loving the kiwi franglais in the interview
11:18 [Comment From Westy]
Wallabies v Italy??? where art thou?
11:18 GC:  Top work France. Brilliant defence. Bet France loose 70-0 next game.
11:19 Gagger:  Main event starts in about 10 Westy
11:20 GC:  Even Italy might fancy themselves now too.
11:21 Gagger:  You fellas talk amongst yourself, gotta go strangle a brown snake
11:24 GC:  Lookin’ forward to seeing JOC in action tonight.
11:25 Epi:

Really looking forward to this…

11:28 [Comment From Newb]
morning fellas.
11:28 [Comment From Newb]
battle of the loosies could be a good one. italy got some good experience there.
11:29 GC:  Bit of a worry….Burgess looks the agriest.
11:29 Epi:

what the temperature?

11:29 Epi:

looks freezing…

11:29 Gagger:  Thats better
11:30 GC:  Seagull looks focused….
11:31 Epi:  Love the Italian kit… looks better than our mustard gear..
11:31 [Comment From cyclopath]
Just checking in – evening all. Didn’t realise the wanging started early in Unzid
11:31 Gagger:  Hehe, Kearnsy’s Italian accent…
11:32 GC:  Jeez…..that beets ‘Girt by Sea’
11:32 Epi:

why is Craig singing??

11:32 Gagger:  Nothing like a good fascist anthem
11:32 cyclopath:  Love the naked chicks on the Italian jersey!!
11:33 Harfish:  Nothing tops La Maseillaise
11:33 GC:  Not even ‘God defend UnZid’?
11:33 cyclopath:  oops, cat-strangling time!
11:33 Gagger:  she’s found a new key, higher than the rest
11:34 Epi:

your right gagger.. i was really straining there…

11:34 cyclopath:  Nice headgear on Moore – looks like TPN did it for him
11:35 Gagger:  Everyone does realise that this could be a huge let down?
11:35 cyclopath:  Current apparent temp in Canberra about 0.8 C – straight from the BOM
11:35 Newb:  these uni’s are glowing on my comp screne
11:35 Gagger:  If there isn’t a try every 2 mins the pundits will get restless
11:36 cyclopath:  Craig Gower goes for a 40-20!
11:37 Epi:  nice one cyclo… but thats what they have to do… put it into those corners.
11:37 [Comment From Jatz]
11:37 Newb:  aerial show…..
11:37 Epi:  fucking refs…
11:37 cyclopath:  Flop!
11:38 Newb:  good start for the scrum
11:38 Gagger:  They can’t handle our power!!
11:39 cyclopath:  Traioning run
11:39 Harfish:  JOC!
11:39 Jatz:  Smooth.
11:39 Gagger:  Oh you fucking beauty
11:39 Newb:  woooooooooo
11:39 Jatz:  Do we have a new Mapasua in the Italian 12?
11:39 Epi:  from two penalties that never were… shame. would like this to be competitive
11:40 GC:  No showboating either by JOC. Good.
11:40 cyclopath:  Unselfish from Turner there.
11:41 Gagger:  From lineout Lakky goes around the back of the centres, picks up the pass ships it to JO’C who continues his golden start.

Gits misses convo off the post

5-0 after 5min

11:41 [Comment From tommo]
11:41 Epi:  7-0?
11:41 Epi:  5-0
11:42 Epi:  Have I missed something?
11:42 Newb:  french throw??
11:42 Gagger:  Thanks Epi. Got over-excited
11:42 cyclopath:  Commentary team on fire so far
11:43 cyclopath:  Bloody Seagull got lost coming in close to the breakdown – GET BACK TO THE WING, SHARPIE!
11:43 Jatz:  Is this a french ref?
11:43 Harfish:  This referee is worse that the Irish idiot in Dunedin
11:43 Gagger:  Now, now Hatefish
11:44 Gagger:  It’s the state of origin!
11:44 Newb:  now GOWERRRRR ….. easy boys….
11:44 Jatz:  Wasn’t deepenough for a league kick.
11:45 cyclopath:  Nice shot of Niccolo Malletori there
11:45 Gagger:  French ref getting pissy
11:45 cyclopath:  Turner cops a Mortlock there
11:45 Harfish:  Turner KO’ed
11:46 GC:  Lackie’s fucked.
11:46 [Comment From Decas]
so oconor scored aye
11:46 Jatz:  He went into it very strangely. Should have got side on or something.
11:46 cyclopath:  You see Lote wouldn’t try that hard and get sconed like that!!
11:47 Harfish:  You can’t knee a downed opponent in the head
11:47 Harfish:  Or am I thinking of UFC 99 tomorrow?
11:47 Jatz:  He’ll be fine, hes a Newingtonian!
11:47 Gagger:  Wasn’t the knee though luckily
11:47 GC:  AAC to be injected?
11:47 cyclopath:  Used to the Anaconda, eh?
11:48 Jatz:  Thats Trinity thank god!
11:48 Newb:  he’s up
11:48 Newb:  amazing
11:48 cyclopath:  Sorry, but geographically close
11:48 Gagger:  Fuck, his jaw is big enough to take it
11:48 Gagger:  I’m worried about Bergamascos arse
11:49 cyclopath:  That comment could be taken so many ways, Gagger
11:49 Jatz:  I love Baxters tough look.
11:50 cyclopath:  Fused Steel
11:50 GC:  He needs to teach Benny R the stare.
11:50 Jatz:  Magnum double chocolate.
11:50 Gagger:  Orgasmic kick
11:50 Newb:  beauty
11:51 Harfish:  I’m worried about Gagger
11:51 Newb:  how many scrum caps in this squad?
11:51 Gagger:  You’re not the only one Harfish
11:51 Newb:  blame the product
11:52 GC:  Mitchell made a mistake. Unbelievable!
11:52 Gagger:  yeah, too much gel on one side of his head. unbalanced
11:52 cyclopath:  Nice work by Schmoo.
Gagger is just trying to be inclusive to all groups!
11:52 Gagger:  Exactly, there’s something for everyone here!
11:52 cyclopath:  Anyone else notice the ref keeps getting in the way?
11:53 Jatz:  The last two weeks have been a kicking class.
11:54 Newb:  JOC looked like he was riding a bull machine in a bar
11:54 Gagger:  Australia has not been able to do this for 20 years and then all of a sudden in 12 months….
11:55 Harfish:  Robbie Deans
11:55 Gagger:  Deadset you’re right Harfish
11:56 GC:  What was that about?
11:56 Gagger:  Read about him getting them to practice and measure length and accuracy of kicking last year. Told them they were shit. They’d never practiced it before.
11:56 Epi:

fucking refs

11:56 cyclopath:  Some of those Italians are big munters, no?
Eeet was a dangereuse tackle, you ner!
11:57 Jatz:  This game is seriously lacking some pace and ball in play.
11:57 Gagger:  Ah speet on yur mozerr
11:57 cyclopath:  This game is struggling to reach any peaks just yet.
Jatz beats me to the punch!
11:57 Harfish:  Deans spent ages working with Mehrtens and Carter, no accident they were so good
11:57 Gagger:  Wallabies managing to get sucked down….
11:58 Jatz:  Great minds cyclo.
11:58 cyclopath:  Ah fahrt een yer general dirrection!
11:58 Gagger:  Smith you legend
11:58 GC:  Smith best on field so far IMO.
11:58 cyclopath:  Ok, let’s see some moves boys
12:00 cyclopath:  I would respectfully suggest the pick-and-go-nowhere around the ruck is possibly not the best way to crack these guys
12:00 GC:  need practice though.
12:00 Gagger:  Gotta do something though cyclo. They’re not committing
12:01 Newb:  is burgamesco back at scrummie? jeeezz
12:01 Epi:  horrible passes from the italian scrummie.. dont care what they say.. no fly half is going to be running onto it full tilt when clearing out the 22..
12:01 Gagger:  5 points after 20 mins. fark
12:01 cyclopath:  But they do it from flat foot start – too static
12:02 [Comment From Blue]
evening girls
12:02 Jatz:  I reckon they should hit a channel wider out into Gower. Get Mumm running at him. That will get some go forward.
12:02 Gagger:  Evening Blue
12:02 cyclopath:  Hey Blue
12:02 Blue:  Ite scrummie is having a mare
12:03 Blue:  gagger, cyclo
12:04 Blue:  i reckon marto would give gits head at the very first opportunity
12:05 [Comment From cyclopath]
Hey gagger, my panellist thingy just carked it?? Sorry for the tech talk!
12:05 cyclopath:  Merci beaucoup, mon ami
12:06 Epi:  they sure can defend though…
12:06 GC:  Iteys defending well
12:06 cyclopath:  The Italians are using their mediocrity to drag Aus down to their level and beat them over the heads
12:06 Gagger:  I’m sorry, but is Barnes a bit of a sook?
12:07 GC:  JOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:07 cyclopath:  Burgess does a cut-out pass to himself
JOC in again!
12:07 Westy:  c’mon fellas
12:07 Jatz:  Nice, made a bit of tough work of it though.
12:07 Westy:  this is a real dirge
12:08 GC:  OK…maybe Gits is best on field
12:08 Westy:  damn straight!!!
12:08 cyclopath:  Gits, JOC and Mitchell – the meeting of the Hair Gel club!
12:08 Westy:  ‘Australia are getting sucked into a scraggy game with the Italians’ (commentator)
12:08 Jatz:  I have to go to a meeting damn it! I’m away next week on a stag in Liverpool too so enjoy and chat on the frogs game.
12:09 GC:  Gower is shit.
12:09 Gagger:  Giteau comes around the back of a ruck, takes the ball wide, slides between 2 defenders and puts JO’C over.

Gits misses again

10 – 0 after 30min

12:09 cyclopath:  See ya Jatz
Enjoy the stag. Not so much the meeting
12:09 Gagger:  ciao Jatz
12:10 Westy:  a meeting on a Saturday?
12:10 Gagger:  Wallabies playing hardball. Nice
12:11 GC:  That wasn’t lucky at all.
12:11 cyclopath:  Giteau is a freak! Arsey but you make your luck.
12:11 Gagger:  Wtf happened there?
12:12 Newb:  volley off an offload??? are you kidding?
12:12 Westy:  Gits vs Italy
12:13 Epi:  good thing the scrummie can run..
12:13 Westy:  1/3 conversion
12:14 Gagger:  Barnes takes an inside ball from Gits, makes a half break, offlaods to Gits who KNEES it ahead, regathers and scores under the sticks

Gets this convo

17 – 0 after 34 min

12:14 Gagger:  That’s the first Burgess box kick that worked. Ever
12:15 Epi:  dammit.,
he’ll be doing them more now.
12:15 cyclopath:  Never mind Turner was in front I think…
12:16 Gagger:  Good pickngo from the Ities
12:17 GC:  Has Brown done anything this game yet?
12:17 Gagger:  Has stood up, looked around and got smashed off the base
12:18 GC:  Aus need Palu back.
12:18 Epi:

the big hook comes out for the Itie scrummie…

12:19 cyclopath:  The Italians have certainly stood up well up front at the breakdown.
12:19 cyclopath:  Whoah, boy, Italians mullered!!
12:19 GC:  Fuckin ref
12:20 Gagger:  Ities stood up and unbound. Surely a pen?
12:21 Gagger:  Luke McLean slots a pen goal

17 – 3 at HALF TIME

12:24 GC:  Goin’ over to Silver Fern for a laf.
12:24 Gagger:  It’s men against boys out the back but we need to get some go forward through the pack. Very static.
12:26 cyclopath:  Funny GC, I was just doing the same…
The post AB loss dissection is always good reading.
If it was the Wobbs, with a similarly understrength team, I would not be overly pissed off, but the ABs are expected to win everything. Once they get some cattle back they’ll be OK
12:27 Gagger:  may the self-doubt spread
12:27 [Comment From windex]
hows gower playing can’t get the game up
12:28 Gagger:  Windex – he’s sucking
12:29 Gagger:  But to be fair has been getting shocking ball from both the pack and from his half-back
12:29 cyclopath:  Half-backs!
12:29 Epi:

Windex – to be fair (always the apologist) he has been getting some incredibly bad service and the italian scrum half has been pulled off.

He did put a kick off out on the full though.

12:31 Gagger:  JO’C just making sure his hair spiky enough there
12:31 cyclopath:  Jim Williams nails it – not getting isolated around the fringes, attack in numbers, NOT with slow ball and static runners.
12:32 Epi:  does JOC bleach his hair? I dunno..
12:33 GC:  Excellent try for Italy. Shit defending though.
12:33 Gagger:  What was that?
12:34 Epi:  Gower ran at baxter…
12:34 cyclopath:  Either a fucked up droppie attempt, or superb bit of tactics?
12:35 GC:  AAC on. Who’s off
12:35 Gagger:  Gower takes a 15m run up at the blind side, ball inside to Kaine Robinson who goes through the whole forward pack to score

Misses convo

17-8 after 44min

12:35 cyclopath:  Turner is off I think
12:36 Epi:  yeah cyclo… didnt come back on after the break
12:37 GC:  Noooooooooo!!!
12:37 Epi:  try saver gower eh?
12:37 cyclopath:  Jeez they stuffed that play up.
12:38 cyclopath:  That’s better from Big Kev.
Come on guys, lets go!!
12:39 cyclopath:  MORRRRTYYYYY!!
12:39 GC:  Mortlock!!!!!!!
12:40 Gagger:  Slow ball from pigs so Mortlock runs back inside past 6 defenders to score

Gits slots

24 – 8 after 49min

12:40 cyclopath:  I would get Pocock on now. Smith loitering at 10 too much, give the young guy some good game time
12:40 GC:  And TPN.
12:41 cyclopath:  Good point GC
12:42 Gagger:  Wallabies doing poorly out of kicking duels
12:43 GC:  They won that one.
12:44 Epi:  gits is just incredible… every part of his game now is there.
12:45 cyclopath:  Smith was NOT the tackler – actually good call there.
12:45 GC:  Only Richie could have got away with that.
12:46 cyclopath:  I would get Valentine on too – Burgess a bit sluggish getting the ball free at times, give him a rest,
12:47 GC:  WTF was that Gower?
12:47 Gagger:  Why?
12:48 Gagger:  Each of the Ities really know how to make pests of themselves at the breakdown
12:49 GC:  JOC!!!!
12:49 cyclopath:  Geez O’Connor is strong in contact!
12:49 Gagger:  The kids a genius
12:51 GC:  No pushing of the passes. The difference it makes.
12:51 cyclopath:  Gits obviously thrives on the pressure!!
12:51 Gagger:  The Wallabies head downfield through Mortlock and then Moore. JO’C takes the ball 15m out, shrugs off the best 8 in Europe and scores his hatrick

Gits slot

31 – 8

12:51 GC:  Gower is shit. Again.
12:51 Gagger:  How many of those has he done?
12:54 cyclopath:  Giteau’s masterclass in kicking goes on. He is just nailing it.
12:55 Gagger:  Seems to have swapped his place kicking for his positional kicking
12:55 Epi:

after watching the italian scrummies tonight.. it would appear we have an embarrassment of riches.

12:55 Gagger:  Noodles!
12:56 Gagger:  Quade is on!
12:56 cyclopath:  The entertainment begins!! Go Quade!
12:59 Gagger:  Marto’s favourite phrase “check side punt”
1:00 Epi:

Rod Kafer… What have you spotted?? Reminds me of ‘Sideline eye – Tony McGaine..’ If anyone remembers that.

1:00 Gagger:  Dont think Kafe’ll be spotting the forward play again
1:01 cyclopath:  George needs to take his dancin’ shoes off – try some with sprigs.
1:01 Epi:  george… might want to take that out of the repartoire
1:02 Gagger:  Are “blind overhead passes in the tackle” a high percentage play?
1:02 Gagger:  Ref’s evening it up
1:04 Gagger:  Again, unbalanced hair product
1:04 Epi:

i have tickets to the italy v wallabies game next week… I believe its sold out but I will part for them for $300 each or so if anyone is interested

1:04 Gagger:  Good sales pitch Epi
1:04 cyclopath:  Wrong hair fudge – holding the dew in too much, head temperature is out of whack!!
1:05 Gagger:  For that money does Italy front up with a proper 10?
1:05 cyclopath:  So Epi, you’ll give me $300 each to take them off you!!?
1:05 Gagger:  hehe
1:06 cyclopath:  18 for Italy calls the ref a surrender monkey and gets pinged!
1:06 Gagger:  And he’s Italian as well – that’s rich!
1:07 cyclopath:  Yes delicious irony!
1:07 Epi:

thats the one thing i dont like about georges game

1:07 Gagger:  It’s got to pissing me off level
1:08 cyclopath:  Earl Ashley-Cooper drops it.
1:09 Gagger:  Its beneath him to catch those
1:09 Epi:  Earl.. hehe
1:10 Gagger:  Crowd rebelling against hypothermia or boredom?
1:10 cyclopath:  Stupid penalty from Smith – pulling it down right in front of ref
1:11 Gagger:  What is the penalty and fuckup count against Smith?
1:11 cyclopath:  Spooky will tell us on the forum later!!
1:11 Epi:

its a bit mad to have a fly half who cant communicate isnt it. any other position you might be able to get away with it

1:12 cyclopath:  Come on mate, it aint soccer, you got the penalty, now get up!!
1:12 Gagger:  Can we end this game early?
1:12 cyclopath:  I thought Brown did little tonight, and I would say Palu brings more for us. Back row looks a bit wrong at the moment.
1:13 Gagger:  Bench Smith on this
1:13 cyclopath:  Well I’d certainly give Pocock more time on, play a proper 6 the whole game and not play 2 fetchers as we are
1:14 Epi:  OK… I’ll take $150 but they’ll go quick.
1:14 Gagger:  C’mon, we need another try for my margin prediction
1:15 Gagger:  Great negotiation skills Epi. Do they halve every time?
1:15 cyclopath:  I’m still holding out for my offer!
1:15 Epi:  well.. i bought them so I’m no genius
1:17 cyclopath:  Mercifully it ends!
Who shone?
JOC, Gits, Morty in the backs
Moore….who else up front? Smith made too many annoying errors, pack was disjointed, Brown and Mumm invisible
1:18 Gagger:  Well, it’ll look OK in the books.

When in striking distance the Wallaby backs were deadly, but as we’ve seen before the pack lacked go forward for long periods of the match and when theat happened the game stagnated. The good news was that at those times the kicking game was again excelent.

Final Score 31 – 8

1:19 Gagger:  Agree on that Cyclo. Palu and Rocky missed in this game.
1:20 Gagger:  Already getting evils from the missus – thanks to everyone for joining.
1:20 [Comment From Mick]
Still early in the season, not a bad win
1:20 [Comment From Eddo]
1:20 [Comment From Eddo]
I fell asleep on the couch
1:20 [Comment From Eddo]
1:20 cyclopath:  I think Kearns being kind saying the Aus pack didn’t struggle – I thought they were a bit dusty.
1:20 GC:  Good win. Forwards tested. Smith didn’t have a good 2nd half. Backs controlled. With Palu and Rocky, Aust will be awesome.
1:20 Gagger:  Eddo, don’t worry, you didn’t miss a whole lot. HIghlights will catch it all.
1:21 Gagger:  See you guys, Eddo – go to bed.

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