Live Score: Wallabies vs France

Live Score: Wallabies vs France

Final Score: Wallabies 22 – France 6

Wallabies vs France (06/27/2009)
10:38 Gagger:  Welcome to Australia vs France from Sydney
10:46 [Comment From Harfish]
Allez le Bleus!
10:47 Gagger:  Another stunning performance from the ABs Harfish?
10:47 [Comment From Jatz]
le Bleus la merde.
10:47 Harfish:  That was the most depressing sight I’ve seen
10:48 Gagger:  Looked pretty rudderless
10:48 Harfish:  Sack Kaino, McAlister, Toeava, Rokocoko
10:48 Harfish:  And learn to play territory
10:48 Jatz:  AB’s have no punch at the moment.
10:48 Gagger:  Didn’t bother rocking up to the game?
10:49 Harfish:  Actually I did, had my father’s tickets to a box
10:49 Harfish:  Glad I didn’t pay to watch that rubbish
10:50 Gagger:  Well, welcome here anyway and g’day to Jatz!
10:50 Gagger:  Your score predictions?
10:50 Harfish:  Hopefully my adopted homeland won’t be such a let down
10:51 Jatz:  Hey Gagger. Good team on so I reckon Wallabies 12+ (hoping). Not a full strength Frogs team.
10:51 Harfish:  France 27 Wallies 19
10:51 Gagger:  harfish ;D
10:52 Jatz:  I don’t understand why everyone is rating this French team so highly… They struggled past a very lacklustre AB’s and some of the players in today were shocking in the 6N’s.
10:53 Gagger:  Yeah reckon it’s been a long old season for the frogs. Also spent their load across the dutch. The good guys by 10+
10:53 Jatz:  Shame that Bastard is such a drunk liar… I was looking forward to a few big midfield hits between him and Mortlock!
10:54 Gagger:  Harfish – what’s the whisper on what actually happened with Bastard?
10:55 Harfish:  Rumour is he got the bash from a team mate
10:55 Jatz:  Thats what I heard too. In team bitch fight. Amazing that we have only ever played France 18 times.
10:56 Harfish:  He went into the hotel fine, then went to his room 25 minutes later and was bruised then, nobody saying what happened in those 25 minutes
10:56 Gagger:  Didn’t they take a coupla classy ladies back?
10:56 Gagger:  Reckon there’s a funny story in there
10:57 Harfish:  Yeah, that too
10:57 Harfish:  But that’s hardly news, touring rugby players always score off the field
10:57 Harfish:  Even the Sharks scored often when they were here
10:58 Gagger:  Yeah but what started specifically the fight…. getting between a man and his meat?
10:58 Gagger:  Not giving his mate the ‘end’ he wanted?
10:59 Gagger:  They might need some tips from our mungos for group sex etiquette
10:59 Gagger:  Fark, Doussetoir’s a bigger bugger than I reckoned
11:00 [Comment From NZ]
11:00 Gagger:  Quality comment
11:00 [Comment From Juan Cote]
Which drug addict voted for the Frogs to win by more than 10…coome on own up
11:00 Gagger:  Evening JC
11:00 Gagger:  I think harfish is that smack head
11:01 Jatz:  JC, my money is on NZ.
11:01 Harfish:  I said French by less than 10
11:02 Gagger:  Monsieur…, monsieur, je faire manure….
11:02 Juan Cote:  Great to see the reactions from either coach at the end of the AB’s test. Mallet was stoked but Henry looked as if he had just stepped in dog shit
11:02 [Comment From Kiwi]
I hope the Wallabies hold strong and play actual rugby, unlike the ABs
11:03 Jatz:  Yeah that was funny. Henry is a grumpy fucker.
11:04 Gagger:  They’ll all have lines to write out this week
11:05 Gagger:  Sharpe shoulda got pinged there
11:06 Gagger:  Nice pace from mitchell. Who turned over the pill?
11:06 [Comment From Kiwi]
I look forward to quality rugby by these two teams. – handling errors around 20 for ABs. most of the game played in ABs half, thanks to Italian kicking play. Wall’s should play a dominant running game, worth watching…
11:07 Jatz:  Lote would have got to the 5m line.
11:07 Harfish:  No try!
11:07 Gagger:  He got closer than I thought
11:07 Harfish:  Lote would have scored it
11:07 Harfish:  Olé!
11:08 [Comment From Jatz]
Lote would have dropped the pass.
11:09 Gagger:  Every time Burgess stands there like Matt Dawson i want to punch him
11:10 Jatz:  Give Mortlock the ball!
11:11 Gagger:  You can be trapped but you dont have to hold onto the pill
11:12 Jatz:  nice hit!
11:13 Gagger:  Great fucking game!
11:13 Jatz:  One of his team mates must have hit him.
11:14 Gagger:  in a hotel room?
11:14 Jatz:  Rod Kafer has the worst voice in commentating history.
11:14 [Comment From Kiwi]
he fell down in his hotel room apparently, and hit his face on a table??? not a fight in a club in wellington at all………..
11:15 Kiwi:  my money is on France to take the 1st half, Wallies to win
11:16 Gagger:  Dodgy breakdown there
11:17 Gagger:  Bullshit
11:18 Jatz:  weird penalty.
11:18 Gagger:  What was Sharpe doing??
11:19 Jatz:  not wierd penalty. Vintage Sharpe brain explosion.
11:19 Gagger:  France miss penalty shot 12min
11:20 Juan Cote:  The defence isn’t looking anywhere near the composed unit it has been. All this talk of winning the battle up front is bullshit, they are trying to go wide without going forward
11:20 Gagger:  Couldn’t get out of the way? He fucking caught it.
11:20 Gagger:  Angry words JC
11:21 Jatz:  Baxter needs to get his angry scrum face on!
11:22 Gagger:  Frogs miss drop goal 15min
11:23 Gagger:  Great shrug from Haymans
11:24 Jatz:  cracker!
11:24 Gagger:  I’m sitting in my living room applauding
11:25 Jatz:  Just good rugby. Enjoyed that.
11:25 Gagger:  Cut out pass to Morty, Lakky makes a break insideGiteau try from choice Barnes pill 17th min. Converts


11:27 Gagger:  Note to selves: don’t arial ping pong with Traille
11:27 Jatz:  Football dive?
11:27 Jatz:  Yep
11:27 Gagger:  Girl
11:27 Harfish:  What is Smith meant to do there?
11:28 Harfish:  Sprout wings?
11:28 Jatz:  He needs to take his cape off and stop flying
11:28 Juan Cote:  Was Traille just dong pilates?
11:28 Gagger:  He even put his innocent face on
11:28 Jatz:  soft 3
11:29 Gagger:  Frogs slot penalty from Smith “late tackle” 7-3 after 21min
11:29 Kiwi:  Wallies need to keep the pressure on – last week they scored 3 easy tries against the ABs
11:30 Jatz:  How was that not a French penalty??
11:30 Gagger:  This ref is totally fucking random
11:31 Jatz:  That is crazy. A subbies ref would have got that.
11:31 Gagger:  Baxter game face!
11:31 Jatz:  There it is… the baxter angry face!!!! GRRRRRRRR
11:32 Jatz:  haha
11:33 Gagger:  Oedrago is swallowing up Brown
11:34 Gagger:  Gits slots penalty for frogs offside in own 22. 26min10-3
11:35 [Comment From Mattp]
Go wallys
11:36 Gagger:  Smith=freak
11:38 Jatz:  Here is Kafer again with his helium baloons.
11:38 Gagger:  hehe
11:39 Gagger:  Wallabies assumed it was against them!
11:39 Jatz:  Like the Lions
11:39 Mattp:  Super
11:40 Jatz:  French 6 is out to murder Mortlock.
11:40 Gagger:  Another random decision!
11:40 Jatz:  I think the camera man fancies the French hooker.
11:41 Jatz:  “soft hit” wtf???
11:42 Gagger:  I don’t understand it in english. What if you’re french?
11:42 Jatz:  Score update gags?
11:42 Gagger:  Heheh
11:43 Gagger:  Get out of the backline Smith
11:43 Jatz:  Got the droppsies today. Antipo-Deans will need to have a half time chat.
11:44 Kiwi:  10-3 36 mins
11:45 Kiwi:  French did a great run, but dropped it.
11:45 Kiwi:  Wallys dropped it back, no adv
11:46 Jatz:  Kicking isn’t as good this week.
11:46 Kiwi:  Barnes kicked out on the full off the scrum, French throw at 22
11:47 Kiwi:  French drop it again, wally ball
11:47 Gagger:  Can’t believe Marto missed the chance to say “check-side punt”
11:48 Jatz:  haha
11:48 Gagger:  He usually auto-ejaculates as he says it
11:49 Mattp:  Go
11:49 Jatz:  Mortlock could kick for Ulster with kicks like that.
11:49 Kiwi:  shocker kick by the man of death
11:50 Kiwi:  is he a vampire?
11:52 Gagger:  Half Time 10-3Frogs duking it out at the breakdown and set piece. Wobblies dropping passes and stuffing kicks. If can get some rhythm Aussie backs looking sharp.
11:53 Jatz:  Not many phases from the lads. Need a bit more structure then fling it wide.
11:54 Gagger:  Agree
11:54 Jatz:  I would also question the work rate of some of the guys compared to previous weeks. (except Smith)
11:55 Jatz:  Brown went missing in last 20 and Mumm is playing very tight.
11:56 Jatz:  Moore has been good
11:56 Jatz:  Burgess decent
11:56 Jatz:  Gits quiet enough
11:56 Jatz:  Mortlock just needs to get hit hard or something… its like he isn’t really in the game
11:57 Jatz:  Turner has been good too… More time out of the squad for Tuqiri???
11:57 Gagger:  Horwill anonymous again
11:57 Gagger:  Lakky looks sharp
11:57 Jatz:  I know this is obvious but first points in the second half is big!
11:58 Gagger:  We need to get more than a try out. The frogs can rack up tries faster ‘n anyone else.
11:58 Jatz:  Meanwhile the Aussie bowling attack continues to be shit v Sussex. Sussex 0/50
12:00 Gagger:  “attack’ perhaps not the right word
12:00 Jatz:  haha yeah.
12:00 Jatz:  Johnston needs to have a MASSIVE Ashes!
12:00 Gagger:  more like “the guys bowling at the other end to Johnson”
12:01 Jatz:  frackar!
12:01 Gagger:  monsieur marto
12:01 Jatz:  I see a brown stain on that boys blue shorts!
12:02 Jatz:  Barnes sooking again at the bottom of that ruck
12:02 Gagger:  did he put his “big pain” face on?
12:02 Jatz:  Def offside!
12:03 Jatz:  Thank christ
12:03 Jatz:  What a dickhead.
12:03 Gagger:  Such a pesky thing that offside line
12:03 Jatz:  Bastard would never have done that
12:03 [Comment From DrBaz]
Game on again? Non TV or radio here…
12:03 Jatz:  Yep
12:04 [Comment From Pedro]
12:04 Jatz:  Gits goal. 13-3
12:04 Jatz:  Nice 10 point buffer to work with.
12:04 Gagger:  Giteau slots penalty for Mermoz forgetting about the offside line.13-3 at 43rd
12:04 Jatz:  haha
12:05 [Comment From DrBaz]
12:05 DrBaz:  great online blog interface ;-)
12:06 Pedro:  Chanel 7commentary sucks arse
12:06 Gagger:  France penalised for going off their feet
12:06 Jatz:  Barnes can sook all he wants if he keeps tackling like that.
12:06 DrBaz:  any commentary onliine i could tap into?
12:06 Gagger:  Thanks DrBaz. Where you joining us from?
12:06 Jatz:  What is Gordon Brae up to these days?
12:06 DrBaz:  Melbourne, roughly
12:07 Jatz:  She was hot!
12:07 [Comment From jonnosan]
audio + video online at
12:08 DrBaz:  thanks for the pointers folks, trying now…
12:09 Jatz:  First good line from a French back!
12:10 DrBaz:  wow, farking awesome! i am seeing the game on my laptop;-)
12:10 Gagger:  Fat cat turns it over!
12:10 Jatz:  yeah that justintv has saved my life a few times!
12:11 Jatz:  Barnes thought about sooking there.
12:12 Jatz:  The Box is GONE!
12:12 Gagger:  Some good retention from the Wobbs.Swarofski pinged for hands
12:12 Gagger:  Shmoo should’ve shipped
12:13 Gagger:  Gits slots. 19-3 after 52min
12:14 Gagger:  what is up with our breakdown? it sucks
12:14 Jatz:  Shortest lineout I’ve seen for a while.
12:15 Jatz:  Great D. Not a gap anywhere.
12:16 Gagger:  Good pace on the game. Frogs fading
12:16 Jatz:  Yeah, some tries coming up!
12:17 Jatz:  maybe even some trys!
12:17 Jatz:  I love French brain explosions… they are the best.
12:17 Gagger:  Bin
12:18 Gagger:  How on earth did he think that was possbile?
12:18 Jatz:  Mortlock has the ref onside. Did you see that smile from the ref. Morts is all over it like a rash.
12:19 DrBaz:  any possibility of getting audio only? my video’s very broken up…
12:19 Gagger:  Gits slots another 22 – 3 after 56
12:19 Jatz:  Cant wait to head the human penis sean fitzpatrick say the reason the wallabies won is because the AB’s tired them out.
12:20 Jatz:  *hear
12:21 Jatz:  Good D again.
12:21 Gagger:  Cmon someone countrruck for fuck sake
12:21 Jatz:  Get George up here… I want to boof him.
12:22 Gagger:  Wobbs hold out 11 phases
12:22 Gagger:  That’s the end of the line-out
12:23 Gagger:  TPN and pocock on
12:23 Gagger:  Alexander pinged
12:23 Jatz:  Get the Tasmanian Devil Waugh on!
12:23 Gagger:  Frogs going for poles!
12:24 Jatz:  With that signal to the ref the French tour is officially over!
12:25 Gagger:  Frogs lob the penalty over22-6 after 61
12:25 Jatz:  Big fan of AAC lately. Never really used to be.
12:25 Gagger:  His running is on fire
12:25 Gagger:  Who’d they sub in the pack?
12:27 Jatz:  I had to tackle TPN once. It was one of the worst moments of my life.
12:27 Gagger:  Was he a flanker then?
12:28 Jatz:  He was a forward pack then. It was like tackling an angry ox.
12:30 Jatz:  Must nearly be time to get Gits off and wrap him in cotton wool.
12:30 Gagger:  Yeah, hasn’t had his best game
12:30 Gagger:  Great shoulder from Smith
12:31 Gagger:  Get JO’C on and shift barnes to 10
12:31 Jatz:  Very late to not have JOC on!
12:32 Gagger:  nice nudge
12:33 Gagger:  Lovely hands
12:33 Jatz:  ANOTHER broken Franchman.
12:34 Gagger:  Girls
12:34 Gagger:  Barnes sooking on the bench
12:34 Gagger:  JO’C on to 15, AAC to 12
12:36 [Comment From Guest]
interesting move from dingo, he must really want jo’c at 15 only
12:36 Jatz:  The usual TPN shite throw.
12:36 [Comment From Mr Timms]
three opensides…
12:37 Gagger:  How short is our pack now?
12:37 Jatz:  Nice to have that option for the last 10!
12:37 Gagger:  (A: not as short as TPNs last throw)
12:38 Gagger:  WTF?
12:38 Jatz:  The three opensides I mean.
12:39 Gagger:  Smith wants to give away a penalty
12:40 Mattp:  Go!
12:40 Gagger:  Welcome Mr Timms
12:40 Mattp:  Woah!
12:40 Gagger:  Mattp – do you have to pay per word?
12:40 Mr Timms:  Thanks Mat, nice to be here ;-)
12:42 Jatz:  Boring finish. French don’t know what to do.
12:42 Mr Timms:  It is impressive that as buggered as the french are, we are still not finding gaps in their defence. That or we just forgot how to hold onto the pill
12:43 Gagger:  Nothing wrong with that. Dick
12:43 Jatz:  That was like watching a yr 10 fight.
12:43 Gagger:  You know they’re out of ideas when they get punchy
12:43 Jatz:  Glad JOC sorted that out!
12:43 Gagger:  Yeah, great D Mr T
12:43 Mr Timms:  looked like valentine just wanted a hug…
12:43 Mattp:  Mate stuck at a dinner and my wife is writing comments unbeknown to me. Feel for me buddy!
12:44 Gagger:  Woah. That’s a strange situation
12:44 [Comment From Scotty from Gosford]
should have come here all anong – gday guys!
12:45 Gagger:  GDay Scotty
12:45 Mr Timms:  nice work fat cat
12:45 Scotty from Gosford:  scappy game eh?
12:45 Gagger:  Second Fat Cat steal!
12:45 Scotty from Gosford:  scrappy
12:45 Scotty from Gosford:  btw my names a in Devon now…
12:46 Scotty from Gosford:  was watching on a live stream free thing..but oh dear its terrible!
12:46 Mr Timms:  bit of a grind really, now to find something to pass the time till the lions game.
12:46 Jatz:  Good from a d point of view but some of the ball control and breakdown is still a bit dodgy.
12:46 Gagger:  Yeah, never really found rhythm. Gits actually had an average game for once, but at the end of the day we choked the fuckers.Professional game that.

Final Score 22 – 6

12:47 Gagger:  MotM?
12:47 Jatz:  Love it…. 22 points and an average game. Sounds like Michael Jordan.
12:47 Mr Timms:  better he gets that average game out of the way now, and fires against the ABs…
12:47 Scotty from Gosford:  final score eh? nice to be able to win ugly
12:47 Mr Timms:  nobody said that about the Tahs scotty…
12:48 Gagger:  Gotta go guys – feel free to wang on in the forum or blog.Thanks for coming guys


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