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LIVE Coverage: Hong Kong Sevens 2015

LIVE Coverage: Hong Kong Sevens 2015

Welcome to Green and Gold Rugby’s live coverage of the Hong Kong Sevens 2015.

This is your place to be for the latest news from Australia’s Day Two Campaign at the World’s most famous Sevens tournament.

Australia have qualified for the Cup Quarter-Finals after beating Scotland and Portugal, but falling to New Zealand. Australia will play South Africa tomorrow morning.

You can follow their progress live from Hong Kong Stadium right here on Green and Gold Rugby.


Match Report: New Zealand def. Australia 14-5

Nic Darveniza

Australia have fallen in their Pool B showdown with New Zealand 14-5 at the Hong Kong Sevens.

Two tries late in the second half to New Zealand sunk Australian dreams of a Quarter-Final match against sixth placed Argentina. Instead Australia will face South Africa, fresh from crushing the rest of their pool 80 points to 7 over the past three games.

Australian Captain Ed Jenkins said: “The scoreline is disappointing, but they probably had 90% of the pill. I thought we did well only to let them in for two tries. If you give New Zealand that much possession they’re obviously going to score points at some stage.

“I think the way we defended was good, and coming in to tomorrow we’ll be playing South Africa so I think we’re looking fine.

“The only thing we can really work on is holding on to the ball and converting that in to some tries. Our defence was quite solid that entire game.”

Aware of Australia’s physicality through 2015’s Hong Kong Sevens, New Zealand battled to keep the ball on the extremes of the pitch – away from the midfield tackling machines of Australia.

Hard jockeying in defence kept the wide attacks at bay for the majority of the half, but Kiwi teen sensation Rieko Ioane found a crack on the left after four and a half minutes of pressure.

The second half was christened by an unfortunate knock on deep within the Australian 22, drastically reducing the space Australia could use to recover from half-breaks.

New Zealand added some variety to their game plan by keeping their big forwards working through the middle, hoping to create the extra space that had largely eluded them in the first.

A penalty in midfield sparked a Kiwi set-piece move finished by Rieko Ioane, taking New Zealand to a 14 point lead after the conversion.

The next two minutes belonged to Australia and Shannon Walker.


A quick tap set Walker off the races, brushing aside one would-be tackler and outracing the other to the Kiwi’s defensive 22.

A textbook cover tackle denied Walker, but a quick transfer to the right wing granted enforcer Jesse Parahi room to score. Australia couldn’t convert, and the Kiwis retained a difficult 9-point lead.

The Kiwi’s channelled their All Black aura in closing out the game, and a withering attacking onslaught saw Australia wilt in the flame.

A number of cover tackles should be applauded, but New Zealand had too much class in finishing the match.

Australia will meet South Africa in the Cup Quarter-Final, with time still TBC at time of publication.

Rivals England meet Fiji in their own Cup Quarter-Final. Both Australia and England will be underdogs in those fixtures.

Team Lists


2. Jesse Parahi

6. Con Foley

9. Ed Jenkins

1. Nick Malouf

7. Cameron Clark

8. Greg Jeloudev

10. Allan Fa’alavu’au

Non-starters: 3 Sam Myers, 4 Tom Lucas, 5 Brad Wilkin, 11 Pama Fou, 12 Shannon Walker

New Zealand

1. Scott Curry

3. Sam Dickson

4. DJ Forbes

6. Beaudine Waaka

9. Sherwin Stowers

10. Joe Webber

11. Rieko Ioane

Non-starters: 2 Tim Mikkelson, 5 Dylan Collier, 7 Lewis Ormond, 8 Jordan Bunce, 12 Ambrose Curtis


Jack Hewitt


Australia vs NZ

Photographer: Jack Hewitt


First Half:

0′ – The crowd is wild, loud and excited to say the least.

0′ – The field is dark with no lights. It was a battle of the boo’s when each team was announced.

1′ – Australia kick to New Zealand. New Zealand are rewarded an early penalty and play up through the guts.

1′ – Using his pace number 11 made a great break down the wing for New Zealand.

2′ – New Zealand throwing passes the width of the pitch see holes opening the Australian defence.

2′ – Australia’s defence is unbreakable. Making a great tackle recovering the ball for Australia inside their 22m.

3′ – Australia rewarded their first penalty for off-side. Australia kick to the corner reaching the New Zealand 40m line.

3′ – Number 1 Nick Malouf is off injured with a head injury.

4′ – Shannon Walker on.

4′ – New Zealand win line out and throw the ball wide. Shannon Walker immediately yellow carded for a high tackle.

5′ – New Zealand use this 7v6 side advantage and capitalise with the opening try by Rieko Ioane. Kick was converted successfully.

6′ – New Zealand kick off to Australia. Australia lose the ball to a New Zealand scrum.

6′ – The Kiwis’ had a great opportunity to score wide in the corner with the extra man overlap, however; a poor sloppy pass results in an Australian scrum.

7′ – Australia immediately knock on for  NZ feed.

7′ – New Zealand are absolutely dominating the Australian scrum.

7′ – NZ play wide for the corner. However the strong Australian defence that has been recurring over the tournament forced a penalty for the closing of the first half.


Half Time Score: Australia 0 New Zealand 7


Second Half:

0′ – New Zealand kick off to Australia.

1′ – Australia drop a tough catch deep inside their 22.

1′ – New Zealand scrum feed looking dangerous. They play up through the middle and pass back from the original left hand corner. Sloppy play resulted in a ball on the ground to which the Australian defender soccer kicked off the ground to just short of the 40m line.

2′ – New Zealand regather their line out and are rewarded a penalty after Australia did not roll away in the first ruck.

3′ – New Zealand kick to the corner 10m out from Australian line.

3′ – New Zealand are rewarded a penalty in the middle of the field.

4′ – NZ tap the ball and play right and then a long pass wide to the left creates a big hole for number 11 Rieko Ioane to score his second try of the match. Kick was converted successfully. 14-0 NZ

5′ – Australia look helpless with no possession of the ball.

5′- NZ kick deep into the Australian 22. Australia lose the ball in the ruck however are rewarded a penalty.

6′ – A quick tap leads to an amazing break from number 12 Shannon Walker. The play broke down and Australia passed wide to score their first try in the right hand corner. Kick was unsuccessful.

7′ – Australia receive the ball and look calm in breaking the Australian defence with ease. Australia knock the ball down and New Zealand are rewarded a scrum on the hooter.

7′ – New Zealand are rewarded a short arm penalty and kick for touch for the end of the game.


Full Time Score: Australia 5 New Zealand 14



Match Report: Australia def. Scotland 21-5

Nic Darveniza

Photo: World Rugby/Martin Seras Lima

Photo: World Rugby/Martin Seras Lima

Australia have qualified for the Cup Quarter-Finals of the Hong Kong Sevens by defeating Scotland 21-5.

Physical defending from the men in Gold left the Scottish battered, bruised and ultimately ineffective in attack.

Australian goalkicker Cam Clark said: “It was a better performance than last night against Portugal, I think we were a bit more clinical and erased some of those little errors from last night. So we’re two-from-two and happy to go in to the third game knowing we’re in the Quarter-Finals, but we’ve got a big one against the Kiwi’s tonight.

“We’ve got a few bigger boys running around which helps a little bit. It’s good knowing that we’re a physical side and we can take that to the bigger sides as well.

“We were pretty disappointed in the way we played New Zealand in the Vegas Quarter-Finals, so we’ve looked at that game and analysed some of the areas we need to fix up against them especially. They’re one of the form sides going in to this competition. It’ll be a tough ask but hopefully we can pull out the win.”

Pama Fou addressed the need for Australia to improve re-starts in last nights chat with GAGR, proving that today by winning back three of their own kick-offs to deny Scotland any meaningful possession in the first half.

Queenslander Fou crossed in the corner to open Australia’s scoring in the first minute and was a handful for the Scottish early before coming off with an apparent ankle injury.

Australia kept the scorers busy with some classy play in front of Scottish goal yielding another seven points in the fourth minute.

Jesse Parahi, Sam Myers and Con Foley were immense in defence, reeling off hit after hit to deny the Scottish any momentum.

Nick Malouf was the next scoring cab off the rank for Australia when the University of Queensland product pinned his ears back and sprinted for the left corner.

Scotland added a consolation try to end the game, electric play down the left wing combining with great support lines to win back some small respect from a disappointed Hong Kong crowd.

The crowd weren’t happy to see another Australian victory, but have time to be disappointed once more before the close of play.

Australia take on New Zealand at 8:26 pm AEDT with the winner to take home top seed in Pool B.

New Zealand defeated Scotland 26-7 en route to a stunning 24-all tie with Portugal. Australia hold a one point lead over the Kiwis with the decider to play.

Team Lists


2. Jesse Parahi

6. Con Foley

9. Ed Jenkins

1. Nick Malouf

7. Cameron Clark

10. Allan Fa’alavu’au

11. Pama Fou

Non-starters: 3 Sam Myers, 4 Tom Lucas, 5 Brad Wilkin, 8 Greg Jeloudev, 12 Shannon Walker


1. Scott Riddell

3. Fraser Lyle

6. Mark Robertson

4. James Johnstone

5.  Colin Gregor

7. Damien Hoyland

11. Lee Jones

Non-starters: 2 James Fleming, 8 Nyle Godsmark, 9 Joe Nayacavou, 10 Russell Weir, 12 Crhis Dean


Jack Hewitt


Photographer: Jack Hewitt


First Half

0′ – Another incredible day for the Sevens Rugby in Hong Kong. Clear skies and a great atmosphere will yet again be the perfect host for Australia to play strong aggressive rugby.

0′ – Australia run out to an incredibly loud singing crowd. It’s game time and Australia look focused on one thing…. the Scottish try line.

1′ – Australia kick off to Scotland who look up to the intimidating Gold defence and drop the first play for an Australian scrum.

1′ – Australia play wide early on the first phase and score wide with number 11 Pama Fou scoring in the corner. Kick was successfully converted.

2′ – Australia kick off to Scotland who yet again drop the catch. Australia immediately replicates the previous scrum play and attacks wide with Pama Fou.

3′ – Pama Fou (11) is injured in the back play with a leg injury.

3′ – Australia stays focused and plays aggressively looking for the first opportunity to pierce the Scottish defence.

4′ – Australia scores under the post making it look easy. (Con Foley 6) Cameron Clark easily converts the kick.

5′ – Australia yet again have regathered their kick. Pam Fou has been replaced due to injury. Greg Jeloudev on for Pama.

6′ – Scotland’s first attacking play. They play back and across the field looking for the Australian defensive hole to penetrate.

7′ – Australia’s defence was to strong for the Scottish attack and was rewarded with a penalty. They kick long inside the 40 meter for the first line out for the match.

7′ – Australia receive the ball from the successful line out and throw it back into touch for half time. Smart play from the young Australian team.


Half Time Score: Australia 14 Scotland 0


Second Half:

1′ – Scotland kick an unsuccessful kick off falling short of the 10 meters. Australia tap on half way with some fancy play. Australia turn the ball over in the ruck.

1′ – Scotland throw it wide. A strong tackle from Australia lead to a Scottish knock on.

2′ – Australia feed the ball and play wide to the pace in the outside backs.

2′ – Australia throw a forward passing gifting a Scottish scrum inside their 22.

3′ – Australia’s defence is yet again too strong for the Scotts leading to an Australian full arm penalty.

3′ – Australia look to the sideline to penetrate well inside the Scottish 22m line.

4′ – Australia play wide. Second phase number 1 Nick Malouf successfully burns the outside defender. Cameron Clark successfully converts… yet again.

5′ – Scotland receive the kick and their attack is over powered by the strong Australian defence. Australia looking very convincing early in Day Two.

5′ – Australia take to the side line for a line out.

6′ – Unsuccessful, the Scottish jumper takes the Australian throw.

6′ – Scotland are rewarded a full arm penalty and take the quick tap. Passing wide with great support the number 2 James Fleming was electric down the left wing to then offload to number 10 Russel Weir to score in the corner. Quick was unsuccessful.

7′ – Australia take the catch and are rewarded the penalty. The hooter for Full-Time sounds and cleverly number 3 Sam Myers quicks the ball out for the end of the match.

Full Time – Australia were dominant the entire game, despite one Scottish try. Australia will look forward to take on New Zealand at 8:26 pm AEDT.

Full Time Score: Australia 21 Scotland 5


Match Report: Australia def. Portugal 33-5

Nic Darveniza

Hong Kong Sevens 2015

Australia have kicked off their 2015 Hong Kong Sevens campaign with a convincing 33-5 victory over Portugal.

Strong performances from Captain Ed Jenkins, Cam Clark and Pama Fou forged the way ahead for an Aussie side looking to make a serious mark on the competition.

Post-match, Fou said: “It was pretty tough in the first half, but we regrouped in the second after talking about what we needed to focus on.

“[That win was] mainly the bond we share between the boys. Everyone’s got each others backs – that try I had was through the work of the boys.

Hong Kong’s probably the biggest crowd we cop it from, but we feed off that. That motivates us to play at our best and prove to the crowd that we’ve got what it takes to win the cup.

Australia didn’t take long to get started in the match when Ed Jenkins scored his first try two minutes in to the first half, backing up a long run down the right flank with a try on the left.

Portugal responded by launching an all-out attack on the Australians out wide, but were foiled by strong defensive play from Con Foley.

Before the crowd could blink Jenkins was bursting through the line again, a set-piece move matching the Sydney Uni man one-on-one with a Portuguese defender for his second try.

A topsy-turvy ending to the first half gifted Portuguese wing Aderito Esteves room to open Portugal’s scoring, reducing Australia’s lead to nine points at half time.

Not content with the 14-5 scoreline, Aussie playmaker Cameron Clark took on the Portuguese single-handedly by stepping, fending, and burning another defender 26 seconds in to the second half.

Former Queensland Reds Elite Development Squad Member Brad Wilkin made his Rugby Sevens debut in the second minute at only 19 years of age, and contributed well to the Australian effort.

With their defensive play impressing just as much as their attacking, great team play gave Pama Fou an opportunity to steamroll his defender for a try in the corner four minutes in.

Super-sub Shannon Walker made his presence felt in final play with a strong right foot step cutting inside the defence and opening a lane straight in to the posts.

Australia can be satisfied with their performance, but will have to produce a better performance again to take down Scotland in their second match tomorrow.

If Australia can best Scotland at 2:54 pm (AEDT), a Cup-Quarter Final spot is ensured regardless of the outcome against New Zealand at 8:22 pm (AEDT).

Join us tomorrow morning for more LIVE coverage of the Hong Kong Sevens.

Team Lists


2. Jesse Parahi

6. Con Foley

9. Ed Jenkins

1. Nick Malouf

7. Cameron Clark

10. Allan Fa’alavu’au

11. Pama Fou

Non-starters: 3 Sam Myers, 4 Tom Lucas, 5 Brad Wilkin, 8 Greg Jeloudex, 12 Shannon Walker


2. Bernardo Cardoso

7. Aderito Esteves

8. Diego Mateus

4. Pedro Leal

6. Carl Murray

9. Jose Vareta

11. Nuno Guedes

Non-starters: 1 David Mateus, 3 Joao Belo, 5 Diogo Miranda, 10 Duarte Moreira, 12 Joao Vaz Antunes


Jack Hewitt

First Half:

0′ – The Players are out!! Mix between cheering and boo’ing for Australia v Portugal

1′ – Portugal kick off to Australia. Great take starts the play however early turnover from Australia. After receiving the ball back, Australia capitalises and makes a great break down the wing.

2′ – Opening try to Australia – Ed Jenkins (9) with a great play down the wing defeating 2 defenders

3′ – Australia kick back to Portugal. They pass wide early and are rewarded the opening penalty.

4′ – Portugal kick long for touch for the first Line Out of the night. Scrambling play, Portugal regather their line out. Australia’s defence is solid and turnover the ball with Con Foley (6) looking strong.

5′ – Australia are rewarded the second penalty for Portugal rolling away. Australia kick long and regather from the line out. Australia plays the ball wide looking slick in their foot work leaving the Portugal defence stunned for movement. Yet again Ed Jenkins (9) looking strong in attack and provides Australia with the second try of the night.

6′ – Australia convert their second try.

7′ – Australia kick off to Portugal. A double knock on leads to an Australian feed.

7′ – In the dying moments of the first half Portugal was rewarded a full-arm penalty against Australia for off-side. Australia turn the ball over and then quickly lose the ball themselves after Portugal is rewarded the full arm penalty. Portugal play wide with Aderito Esteves (7) scoring a magnificent try in the corner to close the first half. The conversion was unsuccessful.


Half Time Score: Australia 14 Portugal 5


Second Half:

0′ – Australia kick off to Portugal.. Portugal drop the catch looking up at the defence looking intimidated.

1′ – Australia capitalise early with great foot work from the number 7 Cameron Clark looking flash. He converts his own try successfully.

2′ – Australia lead Portugal 21 – 5

2′ – Incredible defence and a full arm penalty was rewarded to Australia for Portugal holding on.

3′ – Australia kick to the corner inside Portugal’s 22m line. Australia looking very dangerous.

3′ – Australia’s first substitute for the night number 2 Jesse Parahi (coming off) – Number 12 Shannon Walker on

4′ – Australia make a great break down the wing with number 11 Pama Fou bumps off the last line of defence scoring in the corner. Conversion was unsuccessful.

5′ – Portugal line out successful and pass wide to number 10 Duarte Moreira who was strong in breaking a tackle.

6′ – Sloppy play from Portugal see them lose meters and the possession to an Australian line out.

6′ – Australian line out penalised for not being deemed straight. Portugal scrum.

7′ – Final minute for Australia’s opening game. Australia looking convincing as the 4th seeded team.

7′ – INCREDIBLE PLAY – Yet again number 12 Shannon Walker splits the defence and easily scores under the post after stepping on the inside of Portugal defence. Australia converts try to convincingly defeat Portugal in Australia’s opening game in the 2015 Hong Kong Sevens.

Full time – Although the clash between Australia and Portugal saw the crowd boo and cheer in mixed cries… Australia created an amazing atmosphere with the crowd loving every try provided by the men in Green and Gold. Australia was convincing in their opening clash against Portugal.

Australia 33 (Tries: E Jenkins (2), P Fou, C Clark, S Walker Cons: C Clark (3), T Lucas) defeated Portugal 5 (Tries: A Esteves)

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