Growden won’t give up

Growden won’t give up

There’s another article today from Grumpy Greg over at RugbyHeaven – Deans targeted as rift triggers clean-out – that takes his last dodgy piece (see my previous post) and takes it to the next level of anonymous gossip fueled supposition.

Wading through all the re-hashed crap based on the off-record say-so of ‘several’ players and ‘ARU officials’ (so that’s 4 nameless guys not saying no to Growden’s leading questions) what you get to is the stunning revelation that there could be a ‘clear-out’ after the World Cup, and that Robbie Deans is a potential name in the frame.

No sh*t sherlock.

Connolly’s gone after the cup so it’ll be all change anyway, and Deans, along with Nucifora have been the front runners for the job (although if Deans holds on he could just snaffle an AB coaching job post the cup anyway – I wonder which he’d take).

So Growden’s still got nothing. What is interesting that’s come out of this, and is the little bit of flame that he’s trying to fan into a bush fire, is the admission from all and sundry – Mortlock, Connolly, Foley – that there are strong opinions in the Wallaby camp and that there is the culture that those opinions should get a full airing.

This to me seems very healthy. By taking this approach – the opposite of Graham Henry’s well documented headmaster style – a shared sense of purpose is created which leads to a team who really believe in what they are doing, rather than just doing what they’re told. I’d say that if you want to see an example of what translates into on the paddock, then re-watch the second half of the test at the MCG. One team steps up to come from behind, the other looks rudderless.

So if this is the result of the discord in the Wallaby camp, I say bring on more of it.


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