George Smith is a better 7 than McCaw.

George Smith is a better 7 than McCaw.

Maybe Leg Break’s internet is down, or maybe he thinks I’m fishing, but I thought I’d pre-empt with my rationale for the above FACT. I realise it’s up there as a faux pas along with admitting you don’t like Bob Marley, but I don’t care if I’m going against perceived wisdom, because it’s the truth.

  • Smith is better over the ball (lower centre of gravity),
  • Smith is better defensively with his bootlace tackling (some of our best tries have come through McCaw’s misses, he made 2 in tries at the G last year – see bottom)
  • Smith is also a better cheat as well, i.e. he isn’t nearly so obvious, which Bernie Larkham also agrees with, which you can read here

And he’s done all of the above behind a pretty average pack.

I also think Smith is a better ball player, although this isn’t a 7s job and I wouldn’t mind him doing it less for the Wallabies.
McCaw is a very average captain (aw, dunno, just didn’t thunk of kicking), and has a glass jaw.




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