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Explanation required

Explanation required

Right, Australia didn’t lose this match and the Tri-Nations because of this – the final ruck. We lost it because we went to sleep for 15 minutes and let in three soft tries.

And this ruck isn’t even remarkable because of the the number of infringements the All Blacks managed to cram into it. But let’s count them:

  1. Stephen Donald (21), the tackler, never releases or rolls away from George Smith the ball carrier. Watch him bring his legs up on the wrong side, off his feet to seal off the ball
  2. Richie McCaw (7) comes into the ruck from the side – an offside position
  3. Keven Mealamu (16) goes off his feet
  4. Ali Williams (5) goes off his feet
  5. Mils Miliaina (15) goes off his feet on the wrong side of the ruck
  6. Sitiveni Sivivatu (11) goes off his feet on the wrong side of the ruck
  7. Mils Muliaina (15) takes out Sam Cordingly the half back, who doesn’t even have his hands on the ball
  8. Stephen Donald (21), still on the ground, on the wrong side of the ruck and having never rolled away from the tackle, uses his hands to throw the ball out of the ruck to Piri Weepu

No, what’s amazing about this ruck is where the referee, Jonathan Kaplan, stands while all of this happens: right in fµcken front of it. And yet sees nothing wrong with it.

Someone give me an explanation for that.

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