England vs South Africa, Australia vs Wales

England vs South Africa, Australia vs Wales

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Well, we’re only minutes away from the Boks taking on the poms in the world cup so I thought I’d throw a few words at that before raising a few pieces of news for the Wallabies vs Wales in Cardif tomorrow.

While the two match ban of the Springboks talisman – Blondie Burger – put the door ajar for England, you can’t help but think that with the schmozzle in the pommie back line, now matched by a schmozzle in their ‘re-vamped’ back row now means that the soap dodgers have two hopes of a win tonight – f_ck all, and none. That’s not to say that England doesn’t have talent and class – I think we’d gratefully accept their 3rd string front row at the moment – but boy has it been wasted.

Two late breaking stories from the Wallaby camp have left me clinging to the hope that Knuckles is throwing smoke – but I can’t even convince myself of this. The two unmitigated disasters are:

  1. The tape came loose from Bernie Larkham’s leg, 3 minutes before the end of training today, and his knee came clean off, or something like that. Anyway, the physio has strapped it on good and tight, but apparently he’s only 50/50 to play. So much for all the clever moves they’ve been working on for two years….
  2. St Latho’s had the flu all week and hasn’t even trained. Chance of lasting 80 mins and scoring solo tries: pretty frikken small.

Not what we need on the eve of the first big test, but bring it on all the same.


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