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Chat with Newb: winner of Fox fantasy rugby

Chat with Newb: winner of Fox fantasy rugby

The Avatar of champions

The Avatar of champions

Here’s a few words with G&GRs own James Mahoney (aka Newb); winner of the TOTAL Foxsports fantasy league competition.

Where are you from and where do you live?
Born and raised in the US.  Currently in the Boston area but spend a fair amount of time in Chicago.  Feel free to brand me as a Yank, Seppo, or worse.  I deserve it!

What do you do for a crust?
Hardly earning any crust at the moment.  Still a graduate student in engineering with the loans piling up.

How did you get into rugby?
I spent a semester abroad at UNSW about 3 years back.  I remember watching Tri-Nations tests in pub and seeing the Randwick club down at Coogee oval.  Made me want to see and learn more, and here I am, still following rugby from the states.
Who do you follow?
I support all the Aussie Super14 teams, about equally I’d say.  I didn’t grow up with a team so I don’t feel tied to one more than the others.  Just like to see them all do well.  And I’m a HUGE supporter of the Wallabies.  Really hoping this international season is a good one!

What are your cunning tips for kicking fantasy arse?
I think more than anything I tried to be consistant – never too low and really I wasn’t ever too high (round to round speaking).  I tried to go with players that were solid on a weekly basis instead of taking flyers on guys that were up and down and hoping for an up.  I had guys like Gits, Digby, Kockott, Waldrom, Pocock, and Fat Cat in my roster about every week trusting that low weeks would be evened out by high weeks.  Went with some guys that caught fire at the end of the season too like Sharpe, Nonu, Toeava, and Alexander and rode them out.

By doing this I missed out on some big games by guys like Quade, Ranger, Spies, Frans Steyn, etc. but I also missed out on their lows.  A big stat category for me (especially later in the year) was points per game played.  As has been said, class is permanent and the top guys usually retained their form for most of the season.  Can’t say I played a lot of matchups as I found it hard to predict who would go off.

Have Fox been in touch and what are you gonna do with all that cash?
I haven’t heard from them yet.  If I don’t get an email soon I might get ahold of John O’Neill to help me out.  His diary really gave me some insight on his negotiating tactics and I got to say I’m thoroughly impressed (that entry floored me by the way, comedic gold).  As for what I plan to do with the money…..  I’d love to make a return trip to see the Men of Gold play a match, maybe 3N’s or RWC.  So I might save it for that.

What made you choose G&GR as your league? (thank fuck you did)
I read the blog a lot and have been for a bit now.  I don’t always comment that much because I’m still learning a lot about the game (and a lot of the teaching is done by you blokes so cheers for that).  But I thought what better place to join in than the fantasy league.  Pretty easy choice really.

Also wanted to say that I’m honored to be interviewed for G&GR considering that the other guys spoken to have been Phil Mooney, Richard Graham, and Andrew Shaw.  That’s a pretty lofty class considering that I’m just a fan of the game and they’re actually a part of it.  So thanks again.

Good onya Newb – fucking impressive!

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Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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