Australia A vs New Zealand Maori Video Highlights

Australia A vs New Zealand Maori Video Highlights

Well, I’m pretty pissed off about this. While I haven’t seen the whole game (just these highlights) it seems to me we more than had the personnel to win this one, just not the composure, which the opposition certainly did have. I guess we at least ran this one close which we haven’t done in PNCs gone by.

A couple of great tries here scored by Tahu, who is deservedly getting a look in to the full side – anyone with a nose like that for tries has to get a look in. Interesting though that these, like most tries he’s set up or scored this year have had a Turinui input into them.

Have a gander at the first one. Tahu’s lack of pack on the the ball makes me think this was a spontaneous move by the pie-man Morgs. In which case it shows off the wide mans rugby skill. He’s been the perfect rugby tutor for the Leaguie ace. The second try shows Tahus ability to score from anywhere.


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