All quiet on the Western Front

All quiet on the Western Front
What the fark?

What the fark?

The silence is deafening after the Force’s total capitulation last weekend against Waikato. What is going on?

After an incredibly exhilarating win against the Brumbies, the meek effort produced against Waikato suggests perhaps that Gits and a raft of others may have more pressing things on their mind.

Imagine if this sort of shit had happened a year ago, John Mitchell would have been on the front foot with some players well and truly in his sights. This year however, with Mitch effectively neutered, there hasn’t been a peep. The only conversation Mitch has probably had is with his lawyers and the local estate agents in the Waikato area.

Does this mean the so called ‘buy-in’ (I love that term, along with ‘key stakeholders’) the players now have after the review into Mitch’s wicked ways, prevents anyone from making statements accepting any responsibility or making any admission that they played like shit?

Or is it simply that the ‘key stakeholders’ have not finished ‘work-shopping’ the ‘potential impacts’ the ‘negative outcomes’ of last weekend’s ‘engagement’ may have on the ‘overall progression’ of the ‘playing group’, in general, ‘going forward’?

The Force this year have been rugby’s answer to bi-polar disorder, osculating between crap, ordinary, outstanding and totally ponderous performances. Despite these fluctuations, they still sit in sixth place only a win away from the top 4.

They are a tipster’s nightmare at the moment and the lack of clear, strong and brutally honest leadership that Mitch provided seems to be exactly what the Force need at the moment.

It seems a strange time for the Force to be offering the players ‘buy-in’, when so many of them appear to be prepared to ‘sell-out’.


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