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2011 Super Rugby Horoscope

2011 Super Rugby Horoscope

The first day of a New Year and hope springs eternal. Players and supporters alike look forward to days of triumph and the hope that this will finally be THE year… will it or won’t it?

I’ve dusted off the Ouija Board, studied the entrails of a slaughtered goat and consulted the crystal Gilbert to come up will my predictions of how the five Australian teams will go in 2011.


In 2011 the House of Waugh continues its retrograde through Hickey which will lead to a malaise for all those under its power. The brief enlightenment that occurred in May 2010 will be long forgotten as the Eclipse of Anesi makes its full presence felt from early February.

There is some prospect the darkness could lift as the House of Shmoo sits opposed to the Eclipse of Anesi however this renaissance will be brief due to Le Fuse in decline at 90 degrees to the horizontal.

With the Spectre of Carter dominating the 12th House of the backline there seems little chance of success or excitement for most of the year.


The Star of Giteau will continue its transition through the 10th House of the backline in 2011 bringing uncertainty and speculation. This speculation will cause disruption until late 2011 when the Star of Giteau will settle on the Axis of Stade Francais.

The House of Elsom is once again 180 degree opposed to Hoiles which will negate the influence of both at a time when it can be least afforded. Ma’afu and Yanuyanutawa will retrograde through Alexander and Moore bringing a sense of loss and weakness.

Brighter times look possible in 2012 when the influence of the House of Friend will wane to the abscission of light on the cusp of the Planets of Bernie and Googy.


With the influence from the Houses of Jones and Mooney now in sharp decline, and with McKenzie in its opposition, a positive and youthful energy abounds.

The Tropic of Cooper is now free from the dark clutches of early 2010 and set to trine with the Alchemy of Genia and the Ink God Diggers.

There are some clouds on the horizon however as 2012 is the Year of the Eel and likely impact on the Tropic of Cooper. The Star of Rice is currently orbiting around the Tropic of Cooper also and may have ramifications if this congress does not go smoothly.

The Golden Slipper will exert a strong presence in the 1st and 3rd Houses of the scrum which will provide those around a sense of security and adventure.


With the Houses of Mortlock, Huxley, Cipriani and Cordingley forming a multiple conjunction starting any new venture should be undertaken with extreme caution.

The Sun of Macqueen will transition through these Houses and bring with it a modicum of joy however the Jedi Somerville and the House of Hass will limit its power.

It would be wise to avoid travel to far off places as disappointment and hardship will surely follow.

Finances should be watched very closely during this period and there might be a need for the House of JO’N to ingress in late 2011.


2011 ushers in the Year of the Rabbit and things bode well with a young star shining brightly in the Western sky. This light will be seen in all its glory as it moves from the shadow cast by the Planet of Mitch into a Midheaven position.

This Midheaven position will occur in early February and will be made possible as the Year of the Rabbit moves in unison with the Sun of Ripia and the Moons of Pocock, Hodgson and Brown.

There is a word of caution however as the House of Sheehan is still in orbit in the Western sky and might yet bring desolation and torment.

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